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  • Jerry Chaplin
    What is Part #581276301 (nuts and bolts)for? Got...1
    Parts Question posted May 26, 2015 by Jerry Chaplin 
    What is Part #581276301 (nuts and bolts)for? Got it with a PoulanPro PR500N21SH walk behind mower?
  • Abraham Gibbons
    I just bought a PoulanPro Lawn Mower Model PR160N21RH...Answered2
    Service & Maintenance Question posted June 18, 2011 by Abraham Gibbons 
    I just bought a PoulanPro Lawn Mower Model PR160N21RH (961380018) at Costco in New Brunswick, Canada. There is a large gap between the Honda engine and the deck of the mower. Other reviewers of lawn mowers on line suggest this gap should be filled in with something or grass and dust will blow up around the motor and continously clog the air filter. Is this recommmended?

    The engine is mounted to the mower deck by three bolts and there is a gap of about 1/2 inch all around the bottom of the motor between the motor and the deck.  I can actually look through under the motor. 

  • Doug Koehler
    Yesterday I purchased a Husqvarna HU800AWDX/BBC walk-behind...2
    Parts Question posted August 29, 2016 by Doug Koehler 
    Yesterday I purchased a Husqvarna HU800AWDX/BBC walk-behind mower. Within an hour of using it, My wife managed to break what I believe is called the BBC control bail. I found a parts breakdown online and the part number appears to be 587 56 41-15.

    No dealer or service center in my area has this part in stock. Many did not even have a parts breakdown for this model (961450029 00). I was told even if they had the part in stock, there are other people ahead of me and it could be 2 weeks before my mower is repaired.

    I have tried contacting all the Husqvarna parts distributors I could find online but none of them have this part and say it will be 2-3 weeks before they will receive the part, and another 3-8 days to ship it to me.

    Where can I get this part? It looks to be a 5 minute replacement. My yard is currently half- mowed.
  • Robert Woods
    I recently purchased a Poulan-Pro Self-Propelled Lawn Mower...escalated2
    Parts Question posted May 31, 2011 by Robert Woods 
    I recently purchased a Poulan-Pro Self-Propelled Lawn Mower - Model: PR160Y21RP Serial: 032211M002134. After using it last night, I was cleaning it before putting it back into my garden shed when I realized that it does not have any hub caps on any of the wheels. It was totally assembled when I took it out of the box (just handle required minimal assembly/adjustment).

    How do I go about receiving my missing hub caps ?
  • rg_skitch
    I bought a poulan walk behind mower 1 year ago. It no long...Answeredescalated1
    Service & Maintenance Question posted June 30, 2010 by rg_skitch 
    I bought a poulan walk behind mower 1 year ago. It no long runs and i want to know if the warranty will cover the repair cost and if so then where do i take it for repairs. i live in walterboro, sc.
  • Kevin Okrainec
    Hello, I have a Rear self propelled lawn mower PR160Y21RP -...Answeredescalated1
    General Product Question posted December 13, 2011 by Kevin Okrainec 
    Hello, I have a Rear self propelled lawn mower PR160Y21RP - and the
    Spring (532 40 96-15) spring, extension, came off. The manual doesn't show exactly where to re-attach the spring.

    Please help by either sending photos and/ or diagrams??

    Thanks in advance.

    Sincerely yours,

    Kevin Okrainec
  • Joseph Valadez
    cant find side discharge bag for my lawn mowerescalated1
    Parts Question posted May 3, 2011 by Joseph Valadez 
    cant find side discharge bag for my lawn mower
  • Ralph Tejeda
    I recently purchased a used Sears 21"cut walk behind...Answeredescalated1
    Parts Question posted July 12, 2011 by Ralph Tejeda 
    I recently purchased a used Sears 21"cut walk behind mower.
    Model number 917.376523 I tried to find a used grass catcher and frame for it. Someone sold me a Husqvarna grass catcher and
    frame that they claim should fit it. It did not. I am told the mower is made by Husqvarna, the Sears Frame and Bag numbers are as follows,
    frame- (old part no.)188815, (new part no.) 194643
    Bag- 194377 My question is as follows.
    Is there an equivalent
    Husqvarna Frame and Bag number that will fit this mower?
    Please let me know.......... Thanks

    FYI , The space on the mower where the bag hooks would go is about 13.5 "

  • Anthony Pitillo
    Hi there! I am either missing a part on my PP PR45Y22SB...escalated
    Parts Question posted August 20, 2013 by Anthony Pitillo 
    Hi there! I am either missing a part on my PP PR45Y22SB mower, something is loose or detached, or something is out of adjustment. I've attached a picture of the throttle/governor linkage for you to see. I recently replaced the carburetor, and everything is hooked up exactly the way I found it. Nobody else has worked on this mower since we bought it. The engine will only either not start, or will start on full throttle, but the throttle control lever (the tortoise/hare lever) does absolutely nothing to control the engine speed. When it does start, it runs well, but only at full throttle. BTW - It ran before I changed the carb, too, but not as smoothly as now. That spring in the pic is VERY small and super-light, and doesn't seem to do anything. In all of the pics I've seen of similar B&S engines, there is another, much larger spring connecting the throttle lever to the throttle body. Could this be what I need? To makes things worse, B&S's own parts diagram doesn't completely match my engine, so they were no help on the phone and couldn't give me a part number for such a spring, if it exists. My engine model number is 10G902 0260 B1. Maybe I just don't understand how this all works, but it sure seems to me that the throttle lever should move the throttle plate, eh? Ha! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  • John Carter
    How and where may I get a copy of the...Answeredescalated1
    Service & Maintenance Question posted August 4, 2011 by John Carter 
    How and where may I get a copy of the service/operation/maintenance manual for my PR550N22SH Lawn Mower.
    I have looked/searched your(?) "Web Site" and can not find my model listed anywhere.
    Would greatly appreciate any and all assistance. I lost my copy during our recent move.
    Thank you, John Carter

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