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    Ken Mitchell
    10530SBE Shear bolt kit discontinued?escalated
    Parts Question posted November 13, 2012 by Ken Mitchell 
    10530SBE Shear bolt kit discontinued?

    I have a 2005-2006 Husqvarna snowblower model 10530SBE. Last week my son hit something and one of the two front auger shear bolts did it's job. I went to my local Husqvarna dealer to get part number 532 18 82-43, a lkit of 6 shear bolts and 6 locking nuts. They tool the part number and called me today to say it was in.

    When I got it, there were 2 bolts, 2 spacers and 2 locking nuts were in a Briggs & Stratton parts bag. They are clearly NOT the same kind of shear bolt as the one that failed, just two simple, common Grade 2 steel 1/4-20 x 2" long cadmium plated hex head bolts, threaded to the head. The bag shows Briggs & Stratton part number 1501216MA.

    I was told that the 532 18 82-43 part number was no longer available and this was the replacement. Further, I was told that these are the bolts now used in new machines. A large label inside shows another part number, presumably from the parts warehouse, 601 00 19-86.

    What confuses me is that the NEW snowblowers on the sales floor clearly have the gold alodine plated special bolt that have a turned diameter under the flanged head, same os on my machine and as shown in the parts manual. I have a feeling that my Husqvarna dealer bought from a non-authorized warehouse and got "good enough for you" kind of parts.

    Is the OEM part 532 18 82-43 truly no longer available, or do I just need to find a dealer who will sell me GENUINE Husqvarna replacement parts?

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