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    Dan Brown
    I have a Husqvarna LGT2554 lawn tractor with a cracked...escalated
    Service & Maintenance Question posted July 15, 2012 by Dan Brown 
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    I have a Husqvarna LGT2554 lawn tractor with a cracked frame. It is broken where the transmission bolts to the frame. Both sides are broken in the same place rendering the tractor unsafe and unusable. When going in reverse the transmission swivels causing the drive belt to come off . It has damaged the plastic pulleys and the fan blades on the transmission. I almost wrecked the tractor when the drive belt jumped off( rolled down hill unexpectedly). I have noted many consumers are complaining of this. Is there a recall on this, is husqvarna doing anything like replacing /repairing this or has a class action suit been initiated (yet)? This flaw is obviously due to weak or substandard engineering and is a significant safety issue. Hopefully I will hear something I am not at all pleased with the condition/performance of this equipment given the price I paid for it (new!).

    Thank you


    • Michael Murphy

      I too have a LGT 2654 lawn tractor that I purchased from Lowes in the summer of '14. I had a warranty claim because the blades wouldn't stay tight and started spinning while cutting. Turns out the shaft was stripped out where the star end goes into the blade. They would not cover it saying that it must have hit rocks or tree roots. this was not the case but they still refused. So I ended up just changing the blade  shafts myself. now the welds on the deck have broken and this time their reason for not covering this is because there were some clippings and dirt under the deck so they said the welds broke because of the extra weight. WTF? I clean out from under the deck but there is always going to be dirt and clippings under it. This is just an excuse for them to not have to cover anything. The deck welds should not simply break from riding around and cutting my yard! I am reporting all this to BBB and I will be letting everyone I know not to purchase any Husqvarna products.

    • Terri Rau

      I have a Husqvarna LGT2554 I purchased in fall 2010.  I use it to mow about 2.5 acres in the summer, all flat ground and then plow my driveway (150') in the winter in Lower MI.  My tractor has a Tuff Torq K46AW Hydrostatic Transmission.  I just had my Axle Sheer off when mowing.  I have approx 320 hours on the tractor.  All my mechanic friends are in utter disbelief as to how this could possibly happen.  The only thing I can chalk it up to faulty craftsmanship on the behalf of Tuff Torq!!!  This year, it did seem to run a little slower, but overall was OK until this happened.  I have ready multiple of posts online regarding similiar issues with the Tuff Torq Transmssions.  I see there is a recall on certain model Husqvarna's, I am hoping my transamission will fall under that umbrella.  Cost estimate to replace is around $1,000.  But still cheaper than having to buy new along with a new snow thrower & bagger.

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    • James Thomson

      I have TWO (2) Husqvarna 54 inch cut riders. One is an LGT2554 and the other is an LGT2654. I posted my troubles with the LGT2554 2 years ago and I bought the LGT2654 used with 120 hours on it. The 2554 had broken front wheel bearings, a cracked frame and a broken right rear axle. The 2654 developed a huge leak from the bottom of the engine, which the mechanic attributed to an incorrectly installed pan gasket. Now, 3 days ago the 2654 broke the right rear axle. Quick note to anyone with a broken axle: Tuff Torq will not sell you just the axle so the trans-axle can be rebuilt. 

    • Evan Halstead

      Here's a message I sent via chat to Husqvarna on 6/2/18.

      "I have a YTH24V48 riding mower that I purchased in Sept 2016 from Lowes. There is a problem with the machine leaning significantly to one side. I'm not sure what happened to cause this, but it appears like something structural broke or failed.

      I brought it to a local authorized warranty repair dealer. I had Husqvarna send over an authorization to repair form because I don't have the original receipt. After two weeks of waiting to hear back from the repair shop I was told that it won't be covered by the warranty!

      However, the dealer admitted they didn't even submit the claim to Husqvarna! They claim that it must have been towed with a vehicle at some point and that is the reason for damage to the frame. However, I know for a fact that I never towed the mower with a vehicle or anything similar! It is a new mower that I value highly and I would never be reckless like that. I don't know why the dealer is making this claim??

      In my mind it the repair is warranted because of a product defect. It should be covered by the warranty and I am greatly disappointed by the dealer and the product.

      I paid a lot of money for this mower believing that Husqvarna was a reputable brand with quality products. I even went out of my way to special order it from Lowes believing that I was choosing a quality mower that would last for years. I thought I was making a decision I wouldn't regret. Unless there is a way that the repair can be covered by the warranty (that is still in affect) I will no longer be convinced that Husqvarna is a reputable brand. .

      Please look into this matter. I hope that this situation can be remedied in a way that would make me proud to be a Husqvarna owner again."

      Eight days later I got this response:


      Response By Email (Brandon T) (06/11/2018 10:28 AM)

      Please provide serial # and information as to which authorized service center evaluated the machine.


      On 6/15/18 I called the escalation department at Husqvarna, told them my story about the dealer not submitting the claim, and was told that Husqvarna supervisor Brandon T would give me a call on Monday 6/18/18. He never called.

      My mower has been at the authorized dealer for about five weeks now, since May 14, 2018! The dealer refused to submit a warranty claim to Husqvarna until after I submitted a complaint to the local Better Business Bureau on 6/18/18.

      Now the dealer tells me the Husqvarna rep will be out on Monday 6/25/18 to take a look at the mower frame. Talk about slow service!!

      I'll update this post as to what the call is for the broken frame next week.




    • GT48DXLS

      I have a GT48DXLS, Husqvarna will refer you to a dealer for the warranty repairs. Dealers will fix at their convenience.

      My frame failed and I have the written evidence of Husqvarna deceiving me in the answers to warranty denial on an 11 month old tractor. Their frames are weak, they know. The frame with ecoat is 12 ga steel, and the threads are aluminum sleeves pressed in. The TS has the fix for the frame that they claim didn't need a fix. Smoke and mirrors.

      If you are skeptical about Husqvarna customer no service, you should be. According to the Dealer the frame warranty is for defaults in workmanship, and that will be evident in the first day of use, so after that, they will never warranty their frame. No joke!

      Husqvarna supports their Dealer, making the 5 year frame warranty worthless and yet it is used to induce the sale.

      Husqvarna won't talk to me anymore, after I called them out for their deception.

      My advice to anyone with a frame problem, be the squeaky wheel and warn others not by such a poorly built product. If you are like me and now stuck with their mess than take it to a reputable fabrication shop and pay for the permanent repair and know your warranty is worthless.

      IMG_0621.JPG (690KB)