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    Jerry Chaplin
    What is Part #581276301 (nuts and bolts)for? Got...
    Parts Question posted May 26, 2015 by Jerry Chaplin 
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    What is Part #581276301 (nuts and bolts)for? Got it with a PoulanPro PR500N21SH walk behind mower?
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    • Brian Dixon

      The question is over a year old, but I was looking for the same answer, so I assume others are too.  I suspect the Poulan Pro above is similar to the Husqvarna 7021P that I have - both use the same little bag of nuts and bolts.  So here's the answer:  The bag contains 2 short carriage bolts and 2 nuts.  The  bolts pass through, inside to out, at the base of the handles down near the mower deck / rear wheels, and you thread the nuts on from outside.  Rather than allowing the handles to be spring-loaded (more or less) into their brackets at the mower, these nuts and bolts let you clamp them in place...nice and solid.  I appreciate that... 




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