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    Glen Miller
    I have recently bought a 455 Rancher Chain saw and I have...Answeredescalated
    Warranty Question posted September 27, 2011 by Glen Miller, last edited February 10, 2012 
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    I have recently bought a 455 Rancher Chain saw and I have read your other person problem with leaking all the chain oil out while the saw is sitting. I have not even used it and found big puddle of oil under it. I took the saw back to where I bought it and had to leave it over nite for the service man to fix the problem of leaking oil. He told me the tube was not installed proper from factory.I returned home with it after he said he fixed it and checked a few days latter and found it still had a puddle of oil under it.Is there some recalls on this problem? I don't like having to clean up big messes of oil and also don't think this is good product if it is going to leak all the oil out every time I use it.I don't want to have to buy a STIHL just to get satifaction of no leaking problem. Plaese email me with a solution to this ,thanks Glen
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    Best Answer

    Doug P.

     Thank you for contacting the Answer Army.

    Sorry that you are having issues with your 455 Rancher chain saw oiler.

    Some updates to the oiler system have been made recently. The dealer should replace the following parts: 544 18 01-04 oil pump assembly, 537 26 14-01 oil hose, 537 26 15-01 oil hose and 537 25 26-01 pinion. The oiler should then give you trouble free service.

    When you have run a chain saw and then stopped it, after sitting the chain saw on the floor, a small amount of bar/chain oil will continue to dribble out. This is cause "residual" oil. This is normal.

    If the saw is sitting on the floor and the reservoir of oil empties out and onto the floor, then there is a possible oiler vent issue. In the scenario, the oil vent parts need to be replaced. Part #537 40 35-01 plug and 530 02 61-19 duck bill check valve.



    • Glen Miller

       Are all these parts covered on warranty?

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    • Bob Owens

      Finally a straight answer to this problem many of us have suffered for years.  I'll try the updates.  Hope they work.  Maybe I can salvage that $400 leaking 455 Rancher of mine.  The leak didn't start until it was past the 90 day return period at Lowe's--wouldn't you know it.  Had warranty work done at an authorized service outlet but got tired of multiple trips across town to have the service company keep it a week and promise it to be fixed "this time."  It was always the same leaky contraption when I picked it up.

      I think Husqy should provide the update parts free of charge to saw owners even if the saw is out of warranty.  It would help to compensate for the hours of my time lost in wasted trips to the service outlet for this problem.

      It's been seriously aggravating to drain the bar oil tank after each brief use.  Can't leave oil in it.  Leaks out the entire tank of bar oil over the next several weeks.  Embarrassing to have a baby diaper under it but that's what I have to do.  How's that?  Yes.  Big bad Husqy has to be wrapped in a diaper!  Even if I do post shutdown drain procedure, the oil's viscosity retains a considerable quantity in the tank that will leak into the storage case over the next days or weeks.  I've got two choices:  (1) Pour it out and put it in a diaper in the case, or, (2) Situate it to allow it to drain through the fill hole for several days and then go back to put it in the case.  Branches fall and I need to do periodic clean up on my property but I stall the effort until I absolutely have to do the deed because I know I'll have to do the 3 day drain procedure every time I break out the saw for a 15 minute clean up chore.

      So, as I said, I'll try this update.  More money and time thrown into this thing.  We'll see what happens.  Strange, though, my 10 year old Sears saw that finally gave up the ghost never leaked a drop.  Now, $400 later for an orange Husqy, I've been hearing service reps say "all chain saws leak."  Yeah.  They are all going to dribble a little from the chain after shutdown if the oiler works well.  But, they shouldn't oooze the entire tank full of oil over the next several days or weeks.

      It's okay to have a problem but the insulting way Husqy has responded to this over my several years of 455 ownership has caused me to avoid further Husqy purchases.  Maybe your update will change my feelings?  We'll see.

      I bought a snow blower this year.  Absolutely avoided a Husqy because I didn't want more insults like the ones I've had to endure over the 455 chainsaw bar oil leak.  Discovered what looked like a good deal on a PoulanPro but ran away when I found out that, too, was Husqy.  Bought a Honda instead.

      Really.  End users understand design problems are bound to happen, sometimes.  We'll work with you.  Just don't insult.  The hundreds of us who have asked for help with this leak issue got excuses from Husqvarna that blamed the customer.  It's not our fault.  We use Husqy oil.  We maintain the equipment as directed.  It leaks.  Severely.  It leaks.  Don't tell me they all leak.  They don't.  Not like this !!

      So, I'm off to order the parts you suggest.  We shall see what we shall see.

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