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    russ hodge
    Recently purchased HU700F / 961450006 self propelled mower...escalated
    Parts Question posted March 27, 2012 by russ hodge, last edited April 14, 2012 
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    Recently purchased HU700F / 961450006 self propelled mower and noticed the debri shield that covers the drive belt is missing. Checking earlier models I see one listed in the IPL. Where is my shield and what keeps the grass clippings from clogging up the front drive axle area and effecting the exposed drive belt?
    Where may I find a current parts IPL?

    Thanks for reply.



    • Greg P.

      Hi, Russ

      Thanks for contacting the Answer Army to post your questions.

      We have reviewed your question regarding a Debris Shield for the HU700F mower.

      We have two Parts Lists for that model (Product numbers 961450006 00 and 961450006 01 - neither indicated the unit was designed/manufactured with an under-deck debris shield.

      In those situations, the top-mounted belt/transmission cover should be removed periodically to clean out any accumulated debris.

      Thanks again from the Husqvarna Technical Services Team.


      • Richard Brown

        i have HU700F / 961450006 self propelled mower and the same problem . i should not have to clean out the belt/transmission cover everytime i mow grass i really hate this mower. 400.00 down the drain. they need to place something there to keep the grass from accumulating in that area.