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Service & Maintenance Question

    John Astle
    122HD60 hedge trimmer starts easily runs perfectly until it...escalated
    Service & Maintenance Question posted June 10, 2014 by John Astle 
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    122HD60 hedge trimmer starts easily runs perfectly until it is tilted to cut the side of the hedge and then it stalls. It is a year old but has had very little use.
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    • Eugene Rounds

      Sounds like an air leak. Could be just loose bolts holding the intake system or cylinder. The crankshaft seals could also be leaky. Fuel lines also can give problems like this if they are partially broken.

      This unit is covered by a 2 year warranty so if you have copy of your invoice where you purchase the hedger carry the unit into an authorize Husqvarna service center for service.

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    • John Astle

      Thank you for a prompt and comprehensive reply.

      You suggest that the fuel line might be the problem and you are spot on. I have removed the fuel cap and found that the flexible pipe in the fuel tank that is connected to the weighted fuel pick up has essentially dissolved in the fuel and is now black "goo". Thus the hedge trimmer was only getting fuel when the unit was horizontal.

      I find it very disappointing that Husqvarna have used a type of plastic for a fuel line that is not up to the job.

      The unit is less than two years old so I will contact the dealer. I imagine there will be a number of these hedge trimmers having the same problem in the future.

      Many thanks for your help. 


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