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Warranty Question

    Jeff Sidebotham
    Hi I purchased an HU775HW mower at Lowes. It is supposed to...escalated
    Warranty Question posted June 23, 2013 by Jeff Sidebotham 
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    Hi I purchased an HU775HW mower at Lowes. It is supposed to have a 3 year warranty according to the Lowe's website and in fact there's a sticke on the mower that shows a 3 year warranty.
    When I registered the mower I got an email that shows a two year warranty. I called support and was told it had been corrected but then I got another email showing a two year warranty. How do I get the records corrected to show the 3 year warranty?

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    • Eric Ferguson


      At least you received an answer. I inquired with the same situation on August 22, 2013 and still haven't heard anything. Good luck!


      Eric Ferguson

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    • Jeff Sidebotham



      No actually I haven't.  Because I called I talked to someone who in the end did the same thing I did.  But there has been no response to my post even though I know I'm supposed to receive one.  So far the support has been extremely disappointing and effectively non existent.  I wish I would have purchased the Toro.

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    • Kenneth Chamberlain

      I also have a problem with Husqvarna's warranty policy. I purchased a Factory Reconditioned HU800AWD walk behind mower at Lowes.  I was told that the remaining warranty of the 3 year warranty would be honored on the mower.  The mower had been purchased a month earlier, it wouldn't start, they brought it back and it was sent out for repair.  The repair tag said, bad gas no issue.  So I purchased the mower. That was in July of 2013 (it is now April of 2014).  So I should have 34 or 35 months left on the warrant, which I was assured by Lowes that was correct.

      This spring, the right rear wheel adjustment housing fell apart.  The E-Ring that holds the gear came out of its slot.  I put the E-Ring back on, and two weeks later, the same issue.  So I took it to a Husqvarna authorized repair center.  They called in the model and serial number and was told that the mower only had a 30 day warranty because it had been repaired on a Factory Authorized repair and was now considered a reconditioned mower which only has a 30 day warranty.

      I went back to Lowes and asked them how long the warranty was good for on the product and they said 3 years.  I then explained what happened, and they called Husqvarna and was told that the warranty was only good for 30 days.  The garden center employee was shocked and asked when did the policy change as they had been told that factory authorized repair products carried the remainder of the warranty, and he was told that the policy had always been 30 days.

      It appears to me that Husqvarna doesn't stand behind their products and their sales or factory reps are liars.  Think again before purchasing a Husqvarna product.  I know I will.  My dad used to swear by their chain saws and that is why I purchased the mower thinking the company produced good products.  Now I know better.

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