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    Robert Hawk
    I just bought a YTH22V46. It is very difficult to start...escalated
    General Product Question posted July 23, 2013 by Robert Hawk 
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    I just bought a YTH22V46. It is very difficult to start cold. It takes 30 secs and sometimes longer to get it started. Once it starts, it runs fine and restarts normally. I am using fresh auto fuel and follow the manual instructions. I am concerned that the excessive cranking will shorten the starter and battery life.
    The guys who delivered it almost took it back because it wouldn't start then it suddenly started.



    • Brian Pfeiffer


      I have the EXACT problem with.. the exact model number you have. Purchased it July 6th. Waiting to hear back on thoughts.  I love the unit- have 6 hours logged, but it's that cold start which has happened EVERYTIME I used it (4 times). I have to spray a quick blast of starting fluid across the opening (not in it = not good at all for the parts.... so I've been taught over the years). Once up and running- love it!  I have done everything in the manual (fresh E-free gas) etc.

      Waiting to hear back from LOWES regarding dropping it off so they can ship out for service!??!

      I see you posted this WAY BACK in July- still no resolution?


    • Brian Pfeiffer

      Had my tractor loaded on the trailer and headed to LOWES (35 miles away) and figured I may as well swing by a local tractor dealer- had nothing to lose to hear his two cents about the issue. The guy at LOWES said they would be sending it to Syracuse NY (another 100 miles away)with a 7-10 day wait period minimum. SO I explained the problem to the tractor service center guy... he laughed and said he knows what it probably is without even looking at it. He added that he has had several with these and similar models with the exact same issue.

      When the throddle cable is attached at the factory the screw on the front of the engine is way too tight. So when the lever is applied all the way to the choke position it can't extend (he showed me - the throddle cable will move outward away from the mower when the choke is applied) so it never engages the choke = poor if any cold starts.  A simple turn or two of the screw on the bracket which holds the cable allowing it to move freely. Hopped on and turned the key and it fired right up!

      Said someone is too strong at the factory as he laughed. He was the oone that suggested if there was a forum out there to "spread the word", but to make sure you check all the things the manual suggests (gas, etc.- which is the issue most of the time) but before loading and probably paying (this repair wouldn't be covered in any warrenty) take a peek at this silly little screw first.

      • Carl Gleba

        Thanks Brian. I took this advice and it worked perfectly. It's a very easy fix. 

      • Bill Jones

        I suffered through this last year and found this. The cable was the whole problem, set it right, now choke works and it cranks easy. Thank You

      • Garry Hefty

        Same problem, changed everything out.  Did the trick works great now!

      • Dave Buchanan
        Thank You Brian ! Yep, 20 second fix !
      • T Jackson

        This was exactly my problem it also help with the mower engine surging

      • Jo M

        Just purchased a Husqvarna 22V46 This summer.  Been having the same issue since new.  Would crank it for 1-2 minuts before it would start cold.  Made the choke cable adjustment and it now starts right up.  Thanks again.  Saved me alot of headache taking it back and was a 10 minute fix.

    • William Simoni

      Thanks Brian, I have had this problem from day 1 (8/16/2013), so I took your advice. I had to loosen the screw and pull the cable back about 1 inch. Tighten the screw and now it works. Thank You!  12/5/14

      • William McCollum

        Thanks guys.  I have been battling this problem for a while.  Very aggravating.  I loosened the screw and readjusted the cable too.  The cold engine started immediately.  Thought I was going to have to take it to be serviced.

    • Ed Snyder

      Thanks for posting!  Same problem; I got the tractor in the summer and there was just enough choke to start it, but when it got colder it wouldn't start.  Found this and confirmed that the throttle cable was just a little off in that bracket and the choke wasn't fully actuating.  Finding this saved me a lot of grief.

    • mel garbin

      Same problem. YTA22V46 delivered and would not start initially. Almost drained the battery.  Then suddenly fired up after waiting a minute or two.  Went ahead and mowed for an hour and worked great starting when hot.  Tried the next day and nothing. Finally drained the battery.  I'll look at the choke/throttle tomorrow and if that doesn't work...back to Lowes.  I'll leave an update in 24 hours.

    • mel garbin

      Found the choke was not engaging because the choke/throttle cable was not adjusted correctly just like said in previous post.  Took 60 seconds to adjust it and it fired right up once the choke engaged! 

    • Fred Hall

      This thread is a lifesaver - I inherited this mower when a cousin passed away a week ago.  Only had 48 hours on it, but noticed it did not start well when cold - just like all the above posts.  Anyway, looked at the front left side (left when sitting on the tractor) of the engine and found the 8mm nut shown in the (hopefully) attached picture clamping the throttle cable housing in place.

      Loosened the nut, pulled back the cable about a half inch (towards the right in the picture) and re-tightened the nut.  Now the engine can get fully choked and fires up within 2 seconds of turning the key.  Thanks everyone!


      HQ_nut.jpg (2.5MB)
      • Pat McGraw

        Bless you for the picture!  Same problem with my YTH22V42.  It started fine the 1st couple of years, but this year has been as the others describe.  Think the battery is shot because of all the cranking.  Figured it was't getting gas but no clue as to why after changing the fuel filter.  Thanks to the instructions here, took my tools out there and fixed it in just a few min.  THANKS YA'LL !!!!!!yes

    • pete latorre

      I agree that adjusting the choke cable helps, but what made a world of difference for me was the fuel pump! If you follow the fuel line from the fuel filter, its the black plastic piece that is mounted to plastic housing of engine. it has 3 hoses on it. Once I replaced mine, my mower was more dependable when I fired her up. quick, easy and cheap fix.

    • Mark Heaton

      I agree, the answer is adjusting the choke cable. I returned one YTH22V46 back to Lowes in West Columbia SC with the same issue. They delivered a new one and it was the same thing all over again. It would not cold start. Once I found this suggestion, it cranked the first time. Seems that this is a factory issue and Husqvarna needs to review and adjust the factory line.