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Service & Maintenance Question

    Chris Deming
    Handwarmers and Headlights not working. I have an ST227P...
    Service & Maintenance Question posted November 18, 2014 by Chris Deming 
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    Handwarmers and Headlights not working.

    I have an ST227P Husqvarna snowblower. 27 inch, 2 stage w/ handwarmer and dual LED headlights. Just purchased, used 1 time and the handwarmers and headlights are not working and have not worked. Without killing myself and tearing things apart does anyone have any suggestions on an easy fix? Is there a fuse I am not seeing? A simple connection that might be off? Husqvarna solution is to load it into my truck and drive to a dealer which is 25+ miles away. I think it must be a simple fix? Thanks for any help you can provide.
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    • Eugene Rounds

      First I would check that all the wiring harnesses are plugged in. One could have been overlooked during the assembly.

      If these are all plugged in then I check the engine electrical output. There is not much info on the LCT engine that is on it. Parts manual shows it as having a AC alternator so I would check that it is generating an AC voltage; should be around 14 vac if it is like other small engines in it class. If this voltage isn't present then I would let the service center do the repairs since it should like your unit is still under warranty.

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