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    Chris Kennedy
    I bought a CRT51 Tiller many years ago at an estate auction....escalated
    Parts Question posted June 10, 2012 by Chris Kennedy 
    I bought a CRT51 Tiller many years ago at an estate auction. For the last 5-6 years I have been using it in my "hobby business" tilling gardens for other folks. I till about 100-125 gardens each season, usually in the 12X15 to 20X20 sizes. This tiller has been through H#*% and back and keeps right on going. Best piece of garden machinery I've ever owned, bar none. I tell my customer it's the Timex of tillers...takes a likin' and keeps on tickin'.
    Anyway...I need to rebuild the transmission since at least one bearing (input shaft) has finally given out. I cannot find any parts illustrations nor even find my model listed. I do find the 510CRT looks strikingly similar to mine but comparing from an illustration doesn't mean much. Can you furnish me an illustration and parts list for my CRT51 tiller? If not can you tell me which tiller parts illustrations I could utilize for ordering parts?
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