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Service & Maintenance Question

    Geoffrey McIntyre
    ST 224 oil capacity. The manual states 1 quart, but after I...
    Service & Maintenance Question posted November 10, 2016 by Geoffrey McIntyre 
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    ST 224 oil capacity. The manual states 1 quart, but after I thoroughly drained and filled with actually a little less than 1 quart, the dip stick indicates the oil level is WAY above the full mark. I'm guessing the oil capacity is closer to 2 cups. Is that even possible? Is the manual so far off?



    • Eugene Rounds

      It appears the ST 224 has the LCT 208CC which has an oil capacity of 20 US oz (.59 Liters). when engine dry of oil so since it has now been it will a little less the 20 oz now on refill. Also LCT recommends SAE 10w30 or equal synthetic oil. The reason for less than 20 oz is that some oil remains in the crankcase.

      And yes the manual is wrong as they are not been update to reflect the newer engine designs. I the same problem with other engines by different manufactures too as the designs were change too.


      • Geoffrey McIntyre

        That makes perfect sense! After I drained the fresh oil out into the 1 qt bottle it came from, down to where the dipstick indicated the amount was just right, I had four-tenths of the quart bottle filled up, leaving six-tenths in the machine.

        Another observation: the snow blower came with some "factory oil" in it--whatever it was, it was below the "too low" mark on the dipstick. Not knowing what kind of rot gut oil it might have been, I drained all that and re-filled as described above.