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    Christian Williams
    I am interested in purchasing a LGT26K54 tractor from Lowes....escalated
    General Product Question posted March 1, 2012 by Christian Williams, last edited March 26, 2012 
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    I am interested in purchasing a LGT26K54 tractor from Lowes. Lowes brochure says it accepts ground engaging attachments, but I do not see this tractor listed on your website, and I need to confirm this before I buy it.


    1. Does this tractor accept ground engaging attachments, specifically a box scraper

    2. How/Where do I get the sleve hitch to attach it??

    Please let me know. Thanks
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    • Scott Quoss

       I think you would be better off to find a servicing dealer in? near your area. They will be able to sell you the same or very similar model. Also they can tell you what attachments are available for it, and they should prep the unit out for you. Pricing should be very close to the Lowes price. With a lot more knowledge and service.   Sleve hitches would be available at the dealers.

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    • Chip I.

      Mr, Williams.

      The Husqvarna LGT 26K54 from Lowes will accept ground engagement and recommended tow able accessories. you will need to consult a Husqvarna Dealer for the installation and proper use of the ground engagement units including hitch options.

      Please review your operation manual or contact our customer service number if you have any further questions regarding this option.

      Husqvarna Consumer Support 1-800-487-5951

      Thank you for using Answer Army.


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    • larry lattina

       i ave traction problems with mine i just purchased it they dont make wheel weights for it so i bought chains but when going in to my shed i have cocrete ramp and the tires spin because of the chains have 2 other  tractors sears and yard machine had wheel weights and no problem

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      • Kevin Wallaesa

        First i wouldn't buy it from lowes i did last year used it 6 times the seat is cracked, the deck can't be lowered past the 6th position or it scalps the lawn, when i turn off the pto the belt falls off.  lowes has basicly turned there backs on these problems

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