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Service & Maintenance Question

    Mark Penko
    I bought a Husqvarna 775EX last year about midway through...escalated
    Service & Maintenance Question posted April 18, 2013 by Mark Penko 
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    I bought a Husqvarna 775EX last year about midway through summer and only used it for about two months. First time using it this year and it won't start. I had already replaced air filter and spark plug, changed oil, and put in fresh gas. Took mower apart, made sure fuel line was good and carb was clean then put back together. Mower starts and runs for three seconds then shuts off. Out of ideas, I called customer service and based on everything I told them they figured that the mower needs a carb adjustment. I can not believe that this is not covered under warranty. Only two months of use and I am already paying to fix this and the nearest service center is over an hour away. So add in the cost of gas to the service center and in less than a year I am already going to be paying over a hundred dollars to get my mower to run. Last Husqvarna I will ever buy and will not recommend to friends or family. Terribly disappointed in a product I had heard good reviews on. As an active duty member of the military, had this happened to my wife while I was deployed I would be dropping this mower off at the company headquarters.
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    • Debbie Campbell

      I am so glad I am not the only one is having the same problem with this mower!!!!! Mine did the same thing after 2 months of use. I had it repaired and it is still giving me problems. It is back in the shop again and I am with out a mower. I am SO FRUSTRATED I could scream!! When I asked what Husqvarnia would so, they said that we had to take it in and let the repair man decide if it could be fixed or not! I should not be having so much trouble with a brand new mower!!!! Does any one have a solution??


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