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    dawn duncan
    Husqvarna 38045 Kohler Courage XT7 mower I purchased a...escalated
    Warranty Question posted July 3, 2012 by dawn duncan, last edited July 3, 2012 
    Husqvarna 38045 Kohler Courage XT7 mower

    I purchased a Husqvarna 38045 Kohler Courage XT7 mower from Sears on March 20th 2012.(917380450 Husqvarna Walk-behind lawn mower)I tried to register the mower and it's unlisted..Why ? Also I have used it 5 times and the 2nd time used the Clipping deflector PART NUMBER: 419942X428,broke off by bumping a small hedge,very cheaply made part as it just snapped right off,NOW the 5th time using this mower I went engage the control cable
    (part number:431649)and the actual cable snapped,dissengaged completely from the under side of mower making the mower not work when engaging the transmission control. I didn't buy the extended warranty from Sears because I saw the commercials and thought this was one of the best mowers out there. Very disappointed at this point,Sears says I have to take it to their Sears store on Forsyth Rd and from there will I be responsable for paying for this ? Or is it covered by Husqvarna ? Like I said it has only been used 5 times..Well the 5th time didn't mow due to this new issue.Please help me in this as I can not afford to pay for this myself..Is it gonna be covered by the Husqvarna Warranty ?
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