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    Dennis Hogan
    I bought my new Poulan String Trimmer a week ago....escalated
    General Product Question posted April 23, 2011 by Dennis Hogan, last edited February 10, 2012 
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    I bought my new Poulan String Trimmer a week ago. Registered the warranty online. 12 minutes into using the trimmer there was a major malfunction. I used your website to locate a Poulan authorized repair center. They called me back and said they had diagnosed the problem and tried to order parts from Poulan. Poulan told them they were thousands of parts and broken trimmers behind and could not send parts. Poulan told me to return the trimmer to the store I purchased it from and get my money back. Finally, my question. Why would you sell new products that repair parts don't exist for?
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    • Scott W.

      Thank you for contacting Answer ARMY.

      I am not aware of any particular part we would be out of stock for although it is possible to happen on a temporary basis.

      The important part is we were able to give you a solution, albeit drastic. Please be aware that Poulan strives to give the best possible customer service.

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