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Service & Maintenance Question

    Amarinder Singh
    Husqvarna 1365gn not producing power and idle not working
    Service & Maintenance Question posted December 31, 2014 by Amarinder Singh 
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    Husqvarna 1365gn not producing power and idle not working

    What is the correct way to diagnose the issue. What ohms readings should I get when I am testing the various parts. What are the most common issues to look for.

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    • Eugene Rounds

      First since it isn't producing I would do a magnetization of the rotor and look to resolve the idle can be either dirty carburetor if the slows and dies or control problem if it does goes to idle in fuel save mode.

      The following manuals that will provide you the basics for troubleshooting your generator.

      The following is how to re-magnetize a brush type generator.

      • Obtain a 12VDC battery.
      • Get two jumper leads that can go from the battery to
      the brushes (wires with alligator clips work well).
      • Find the brushes inside the alternator portion of the
      • Start the engine and get it up to running speed.
      • Connect the battery positive (+), to the positive brush,
      which will be the brush closest to the rotor bearing.
      • Connect the battery negative (-), to the negative brush,
      which is the brush farthest away from the rotor
      • After about five seconds, disconnect the battery wires
      from the brushes and check for proper (AC) output
      • Shut the engine down. Restart the unit and check once
      again for proper (AC) output voltage.

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