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Warranty Question

    Michael Santasiero
    Purchased a 27" Husqvarna ST227P snow thrower on...
    Warranty Question posted January 8, 2015 by Michael Santasiero 
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    Purchased a 27" Husqvarna ST227P snow thrower on 11/11/14 and after using it twice it died on me while throwing 6" of snow. Turns out the drive belt for the auger snapped and I had to take it to where I purchsed it (Lowe's) they said I had to take it to an authorized dealer or they would send it out. I opted to take it to Lakeshore Hardware & tool rental Camp Rd Hamburg, NY(authorized dealer) on 1/3/15. They said they would look at it and may not be covered under warranty due to it being rubber that broke but they would do their best to see that it is under warranty. Now I'm without a snow thrower and I had to shovel a foot of snow yesterday 1/7/15 and we are due for another round tomorrow 1/9/15, while my brand new machine sits in a repair shop. This is ridiculous! I would have tried to replace the belt but they recommend it be done by a service center! I had a small Toro for 15 years and never once had it break down on me and now after spending $1,000 on this machine, which I do really like when it worked, I am left waiting for it to be repaired. In my opinion Lowe's should have given me a new machine when I returned it. Now I have to worry about this one breaking a belt again in the near future and have to go without one again while it is in the shop! The number for this shop is (716) 649-7626 if you have any questions. The Serial # for this machine is 1475H0813015A



    • Ray Barr

      I purchased one in December.  The first day I used it, worked fine.   Next time was a blizzard and it worked for several  hours and then the auger belt slipped off the pulley.   Had the person where I purchased it come over and place it back on.   Next storm was not too heavy and it worked.  Today, with heavy wet snow, the belt slipped off again so I am stuck.  I had a friend order a replacement belt from his Husqvarna dealer but he was told there is a delay in getting the belt.  He also has two other customers who have the same model and the belts have slipped off them also.  Highly unlikely 3 new snow blower, same model would experience this problem.  I suspect it is a problem with the belts, at least I hope so.  Will see if I can get another belt at some other Husqvarna dealer before the next big storm due on Thursday.   Never had a problem with my prior two snowblowers.  

    • Erick Drummond

      I have the same issue with my ST227P. I'm pissed. Slipped off on 3rd use with wet snow. I put it back on and it kind of works but cannot throw much without slipping. There is something wrong with these models. I almost bought an Ariens. I wish I did.

    • Mark Worden

      I have the same issue with my ST227P.  Luckily, it stopped working during the last snow storm in March.  I was looking to find how to repair it, and noticed posts by other customers.  What did each of you do to repair your snow blower?  It doesn't seem right for a snow blower to have issues in the first season of using it.  Very disappointed.  Thought I was buying a quality snow blower.

    • Ray Barr

      I eventually had the local repair place pick it up and replace the belt that drove the auger.  Apparently it was all messed up, loose and needed replacement and adjustment.   Worked fine when returned.... Covered by warranty..


      • Lech Lipski

        My snow blower ST224 belt broke after 3 hours!!! It is common issue ! Talk to the factory rep. they not going to do anything !!!?? It is not covered under the warranty - nothing is ,just read it. DONT BUY HUSQVARNA!!!! MY 23 year Toro has original belt.

    • Bwana Hatari

      I bought a ST227P barely started removing light snow and the belt slipped off and got frayed. What is Husqvarna doing about this? Very disappointed.  

    • Jon Biedermann

      I had the same thing happen to me.  Bought it brand new from Lowes in December, used in the recent East Coast Blizzard.  Works fine for my driveway and then my neighbor borrowed it and was just doing light snow the auger stopped.  Didn't know what happened but sure enough I took off the plastic cover (that was actually easy, only two screws), and found the auger belt slipped off and was also frayed.  I'd say there was 2 hours TOPS on the machine before it slipped.

      Now I have the hassle of trying to get it to the service dealer, ugh.  I wish Husqvarna did a product recall- this is way too many people having the same problem.

    • Ron Lupo

      No answer here! I have purchased both a Husqvarna Snowblower and Lawn Tractor and they both are JUNK. I would never recommend any of their products that are purchased at any box store. The tractors hydro-static transmission went out after 3 years of use and I have yet able to keep a belt on the snow blower after 2 years. They are poorly engineered for cost purposes.

    • Will None

      I also have the ST227P, nothing but problems. This season alone I’m on my 3rd belt.

      last year I think I went thru 5.. this is total crap. I called an authorized dealer and gave them my serial number and I guess there is a “bad” batch and they have repair recalls. He confirmed my blower is part of it and he needs to call Husqvarna tomorrow.