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    Is it normal that my 445 chainsaw leaks a lot of chain oil ?Answered
    Service & Maintenance Question posted June 6, 2010 by Michel, last edited February 10, 2012 by HusqvarnaAnswerArmy Silver, tagged 445 
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    Is it normal that my 445 chainsaw leaks a lot of chain oil ?

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    Peter B.

    Hi Michel,

    It's not normal for any Chainsaw to leak a lot of oil.  Your best option would be to take the product to a Husqvarna service dealer and have them evaluate the product.  Keep in mind this is not adjustable and you want all the components related to this function to be in good working condition.

    Always make sure to use the proper bar and chain oil.

    Please refer to the dealer service locator below, I hope this helps.


    Consumer Support Representative

    Husqvarna Professional Products Inc


    • Bert Thomas

      This is just a comment on the 445 oil issue I discovered and fixed today and which may be useful to others with the kind of disturbing oil leak I had.  After changing the bar and bolting everything back together, I turned the saw on its right side to add oil.  Before I opened the oil tank, however, I noticed an expanding pool of oil on the workbench.  It wasn't a slow leak.  It was  pouring out.  After several aborted attempts to discover the source of the leak, I removed the clutch cover, bar and chain and saw oil leaking from what looked like a bolt hole.  After emptying the bar oil tank, I looked inside and noticed what appeared to be a metal plug or pin of some kind lying on its side attached to nothing.  I fished it out with a magnetic screwdriver and noticed there were no threads, just a straight bolt-like pin with a square head and about 1 1/4" long.  The hole out of which the oil had leaked terminated inside the oil tank.  My fix was to insert the discovered bolt into that hole.  The square head seats in a horizontal slot presumably to keep it from turning.  In short, it appears one of the bar bolts had vibrated out of its hole and into the tank leaving a clear path for the oil to flow.  About midway along the bolt is a slightly raised ring that presumably is there to help keep the bolt in place.  If I were the engineer who designed that item I think I would have provided some threads to seat the bolt much more tightly.  I've had the saw for about 7 years, so that particular problem has not been an issue before today. 

      Were I to lightly tap with a hammer the end of that bolt/pin where it emerges to help secure the bar, it would likely slide back into the oil tank.  Probably a rare problem but solvable without a visit to a shop.

    • Donald Renshaw

      I have a 455 Rancher 55.5 which leaks bar oil profusely just sitting. One of Matt Olson's subscribers mentioned Husqvarna has a fix for this and sent him the part for free.Has anyone else heard of this. It has to do with a defective oiler tube design.