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    John Yelton
    HELP - this should be simple. I have the Husqvarna LC 221A -...
    General Product Question posted March 31, 2016 by John Yelton 
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    HELP - this should be simple. I have the Husqvarna LC 221A - I see where the oil probably goes in (it has a yellow plug with an oil can icon on it) - but have no clue how to get that off, if it includes the dipstick, or what? The manual and online videos clearly show a different model with an easy to remove oil cap. This yellow plug is SOLID in there and I hesitate to try to pry it off. Does anyone know if that yellow plug is the oil cap and how to get it off?



    • Eugene Rounds

      Should be the screw type but if you post the make and alpha nurmeric engine numbers (XXXXXX-XXXX-XX) I see if I can find it as it is a new style and I haven't seen it yet.

    • John Yelton

      Thank you for responding Eugene. I decided to just use the pliers and go ahead and try to force this off....and it worked. Was just on there REALLY tight. The yellow "plug" just pulls out (no screw threads) and it has the dipstick attached to it. 

      • Eugene Rounds

        Thanks for letting me know this as it is I needed to know on this end too. Now I got find the part number so I get a couple for the shop but I got to figured out whose engine it is so I can contact them. As you said the previous Briggs 625ex didn't have this style.

    • Susan Garand

      Had the same issue.  Seems to me they should rethink the yellow plug design.