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    Branden Szwec
    I purchased a Husqvarna 240 XTorq 18 inch chain saw from...escalated
    Parts Question posted May 25, 2013 by Branden Szwec 
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    I purchased a Husqvarna 240 XTorq 18 inch chain saw from Sears and cannot find a replacement chain for it that will fit. What chain will fit the 18 inch 240 series? The teeth of the chain it came with are stamped "16".
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    • Karla


      The Husqvarna 240 with 18' bar uses a low profile chain, A good site to research bars and chains is "", just click on selector guide when you get to the site. Here is some information that I found on your chainsaw:


      S64 91 LOW PROFILE™ Chain 64 3/8" .050" 5/32"

      From the table above you low profile chain for an 18" bar will have 64 drive links, 3/8 pitch, and .050 gauge, and oh the 5/32 is the round file size for sharpening.

      A cross reference to Husqvarna chain is HVA 501 84 70 62 , there are many manufactures of chains for your saw, Just remember its a "Low profile" chain, and all the numbers in the table above have to match up (drive links, pitch and gauge).

      Oh, the "16" on chain is a specific manufacturers numbering system, and they have combined the pitch number and gauge number.

      I hope this helps


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