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Service & Maintenance Question

    Paul D
    I need to drain gas out of my Husqvarna ST230P snowblower....
    Service & Maintenance Question posted April 30, 2016 by Paul D 
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    I need to drain gas out of my Husqvarna ST230P snowblower. As a new owner, I let gas stay in the tank for two months without running the snowblower, and now it will not start (didn't add stabilizer either - rookie mistake I've learned). What is the best way to drain the tank - use a siphon pump? Thanks for your help.



    • Eugene Rounds

      Siphoning will most of it out but not all it. Your probably will need to clean the carburetor so you can finish draining the tank at that time.

      • Paul D

        Thanks Eugene, I really appreciate your answer. Is this something easy that I can do myself now, or something that I should have a service center do next fall?

        • Eugene Rounds

          Really depends on your abilities. If you have clean lawn carbs before then it is no different other than hardier to get to.