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    Chuck Hoffmann
    I have a Husqvarna 345. It's starts, revs high then...escalated
    General Product Question posted October 26, 2012 by Chuck Hoffmann 
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    I have a Husqvarna 345. It's starts, revs high then stalls. I am using fresh fuel 91 octane. I have had this issue before and it was due to old fuel. Should I be using lower octane fuel?
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    • Karla


      Changing the octane of the fuel will not matter.

      Its probably one of three things, but your right in thinking its a fuel related problem. So here are my suggestions:

      1. The first possibility, since you can start the saw but shortly thereafter it shuts down, Is that some thing is getting pulled into the fuel filter. So to check this, Shake up the saw a little, and dump the gas tank out into a clean container, I pour mine through a paper coffee filter into a funnel. Your looking for any dirt or debris in the coffee filter, next pull the fuel filter out of the tank, and inspect it. If its dirty or looks yellowish like its varnished over, then replace it. If everything is OK, then put the gas back.

      2. Next or maybe first your choice, immediately after the saw shuts down remove the spark plug, it maybe hot so be careful, remove the plug and see If its wet on the spark plug electrode. If it is then your chainsaw is flooding out, and you are probably getting too much fuel into the engine, this could be a simple carburator adjustment, and you are running the carburator too rich, and will have to adjust the "L" carburator screw turning it about 1/8 - 1/4 turns clockwise, but before you make an adjustment, look at where the screw slot is positioned and write it down, so that you can always put it back in the original position. If you make the adjustment, and the chainsaw still starts then pull on the trigger for WOT, wide open throttle. Does the saw hesitate or just dye and shut down? If it does then you have turned it to far clockwise, so just give it half that distance turning it Counter clockwise and try again.

      3. Finally If this does not correct your problem, then you may have internal carburator problems, which could be a number of  different things, like somehow dirt got inside your carburator, and it will need to be taken apart and cleaned and re-adjusted, but I would highly recommend If your not familar with this procedure or the chainsaw is still under warranty then take it to an authorized Husqvarna service center.

      Oh, I'm also assuming that you have a real clean or new air cleaner, Always before making any carburetor adjustments use a clean or new air filter, Do Not make any adjustments with a dirty air filter. I am also assuming you have a good clean sparkplug in the engine too, these are fairly reasonable, so replace the spark plug too! Right now, Is a great time to pickup tune-up parts since most stores are clearing their shelves of lawn mower and chain saw stuff to get ready for winter stuff. I just purchased a spark plug today for $1.00 and an air filter for $3.00, today at a large retail store, everything was on sale.

      I hope this helps.

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