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Service & Maintenance Question

    Wayne Smith
    I just bought a 125B blower to replace a blower that had...Answeredescalated
    Service & Maintenance Question posted May 2, 2011 by Wayne Smith, last edited May 11, 2012 
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    I just bought a 125B blower to replace a blower that had given 10+ years of service. This was purchased at Lowe's so it came home in a box, no initial 'set-up' provided. After quick assembly and fueling, the unit started instantly. But it would not accerate. High speed jet required adjusting,,,only you can't adjust the jet with the 'new' splined head. A quick trip to Lowe's for the tool to adjust the carb. But I was told you can't buy the tool, EPA regulations. What!?? So I returned the unit to Lowe's for an exchange as per their recommendation. The THIRD blower did perform somewhat. I'm a mechanical engineer who designs transmissions for off road equipment and I am a mechanic. I made a tool that works fine but it makes a statement about the quality of Husqvarna that I got a so-so unit on my second exchange. I took great offense at the recommendation that a trip to an "authorized' service center is required to perform a simple carb adjustment.

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    Scott W.

    Thank you for contacting AnswerArmy.

    All Husqvarna equipment is test run at the factory, the fuels used can make a difference in the way the unit runs. For the last 14 years all equipment sold in the USA must meet E.P.A. emission requirements. To meet emission regulations the units are run leaner and take longer to warm up. A warm / hot engine requires less fuel than a cold engine. If the fuel purchased has up to 10% alcohol this makes the mixture lean as well by adding oxygen. The factory adjustments are designed to work on up to 10% alcohol, if the adjustment is to lean after giving ample time to warm up then we do allow for an adjustment to be made by an authorized Husqvarna service center at no charge to the consumer with in the first 30 days of service. We suggest that you take your blower to a local Husqvarna authorized service center to have the carburetor adjusted properly, a misadjusted carburetor could violate the E.P.A. regulations by allowing noncompliant emissions.


    • Tim Hellman

      I think it's hilarious that in these days of social media & message boards that Husqvarna thinks they can get away with selling this cr*p.  I've had 3 fuel lines rot in 3 years.  That's ridiculous.  So I decided to look at the reviews on various sites:

      - Amazon:  over 100 1 star reviews between the various 125B models

      - Consumer Reports:  Average 1.4 stars!  

      I encourage everyone to add their 1 stars to these & other sites.  My blower's headed for the dumpster.  

    • Tim Drotar

      Purchased a 125b from Lowes in August of 2014.    Out of the box it ran ok but would bog down.   At first I found that keeping the fuel topped off would help the situation but after a while that wouldn't keep it from bogging down and eventually dying.  Took it in for service spring of 2016.  Had it cleaned/adjusted/refilled with fresh fuel.  Worked ok for about a month and then started bogging down again.   Took it in again, had it cleaned/adjusted/filled with fresh fuel.  Again it worked fine for about a month then started doing the same thing.  All  the while I was meticulous in having clean, fresh fuel.  I only made a gallon at a time, which meant that I would use it up in less than a month.  The unit never sat more than a couple of days because I have a long drive that needed to have the pine needles blown off regularly.  

      I wont be taking this in for service again because when it died on me last week, I got so pissed off that I tossed with all my might into the street.  I then brought a Dewalt 20v battery powered blower to complement my Dewalt battery trimmer.

      I purchased the Husqvarna blower based on what I thought was the manufactures reputation for building high quality engines.  Boy was I wrong.  I will never buy another Husqvarna product.

    • Olivia Fair

      Think to buy like that for next season have funny story about the Husqvarna 125BT that I bought from Lowe's two years ago. I hated that thing. The Toro electric was better than it. I would be standing sideways on a hill and the Husky would die out. It still had about a quarter of a tank of gas. I would go to level ground and restart it and it would run till I either ran out of gas or leaned to the right again.

      So, I took it back to Lowe's. They gave me some serious grief about taking it back. I pointed to the sign with three inch letters behind me about "complete customer satisfaction" and still they wouldn't give me my money back. The assistant store manager came out and she tried to tell me that it was designed that way. I said, "Huh?"

      She tried to tell me that that was a safety feature of the engine so that it wouldn't wreck the engine by running out of gas. I said, "Huh?"

      She said that Husqy designed it that way so that it would shut off before it ran out of gas. You guessed it. Again, I said, "Huh?"

      I couldn't believe what I was hearing. So, I told her to get the manual and show me where in the manual it said that.

      She had the garden guy go get a manual and bring it to her office. Five minutes later another woman came over and gave me my money back without a word.

      I couldn't believe that she tried to pull that crap. Needless to say I may to go Lowe's to buy fertilizer but never another 2 cycle tool again.

    • Mower Parts and Supply Co

      I am sad to see all these negative comments toward the company and products.

      I have a 40 year history in the power equipment industry, currently a small engine and outdoor equipment service center in Houston, I have been associated with several dealerships, distributors and manufacturing companies in my career.

      I worked as a sales representative for Husqvarna from 1995 through 1999.  It is one of, if not the largest manufacturer of outdoor power equipment in the world.  Based in Sweden, Husqvarna is one of the oldest business entities in the world, having its beginnings in the late 1600s.  Today it is directed by one of the most prestigious business families in the world.

      The challenges we are faced with today are,

      A. Price pressure from the general public, today's consumer wants the lowest price possible on anything work related.  A Jet Ski, motorcycle, home entertainment, or SUV to take the kids to school in, fun and style have almost no price limits.  When it comes to a piece of lawn equipment or a washing machine, cheap seems to be the first priority.

      B. Big Box Retail, most people think the will get the best value from a giant home center that is open 7 days a week and late at night.  Fact is, you can usually get better service and prices from your local family owned hardware store or power equipment shop.  The small stores tend t be more passionate about their business, and more knowledgeable.  Consumers have been programmed to rush to the box store and buy their equipment from a high school kid who, aside from never having done yard work, is working Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon, when they'd rather be out partying or at the pool.   You take it home in a box with no good instructions on operation or maintenance.

      C. Regulatory pressure "EPA"  Because of the regulations concerning environmental compliance, manufacturers are challenged to, while maintaining competitive pricing, perform miracles in engineering which require expensive research and development.

      My advice to the consumer, is don't be afraid to spend a little extra money and time to seek out guidance on your lawn equipment from people who know their business and care about their customers, and the equipment