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    robert hammer
    How do install clutch spring on Husqvarna riding mower...
    Service & Maintenance Question posted October 12, 2016 by robert hammer 
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    How do install clutch spring on Husqvarna riding mower yth21k46?



    • Eugene Rounds

      If your referring to the return spring for the brake/clutch pedal. It is installed in the moving drive belt idler bracket and the other end connect to the LH frame toward the LH rear wheel. There is slotted at about where the foot rest changes over the rear fender. Now it will take a fairly good spring hook to pull it into place. As to where on the moving idler bracket there should be wear pattern on it from the previous spring hook.

      I have made my own custom spring hooks so I don't know of a commercially available tool to recommend. Sometimes wire loop can be used and later it cut away once the spring is installed.