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    Tom Pas
    Husqvarna YTH24K48 oil drain plug removal/useescalated
    Service & Maintenance Question posted April 27, 2013 by Tom Pas 
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    Husqvarna YTH24K48 oil drain plug removal/use

    I have a Husqvarna YTH24K48 and I'm trying to change the oil for the first time.  I am having trouble getting the oil drain fitting plug to work.  (can't seem to push in and turn counterclockwise the yellow fitting) please help with better instruction than what comes with the manual. Thanks.

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    • Marc C

      You need to be gentle with the oil drain.

      1. REMOVE black cap

      2. TWIST yellow valve COUNTER CLOCKWISE to open

      3. PULL yellow valve to start oil flow.

      DON'T FORGET, make sire the drain tube is installed BEFORE you pull the valve.

      When the oil is drained, just push the valve in, turn it clockwise to lock it, remove the drain tube and reinstall the black cap. That is there to keep dirt and debris from clogging the valve.

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    • John Friel

      The problem with the oil drain plug is that the entire plug turns when you push in and turn counter clockwise.  The plug is in a location which can't be reached with a socket wrench ( there is not enough clearance between base of plug and engine frame to fit the socket over the plug end).  As a result,  the drain plug - whether installed at the factory or at the dealer - can only be put in as tight as you can turn it with your finger tips.

      After spilling oil all over tractor and yard when the entire plug came out, I put a 3/8'  6" galvanized pipe with end cap into the hole where the oil drain plug had been.  I'll have to keep checking for leaks to ensure that this works - and I'll have to cut a hole in the plastic dash extension that covers the side of the mower for the extension to stick through.

      If Husqvarna had just placed the drain plug a quarter of an inch higher, a 15/16 inch deep socket would have allowed the plug assembly to be tightened enough so that the plug's plastic part could possibly have been pushed in and turned without unscrewing the plug itself - even then it's location beneath the starter would have made using the plastic push/turn/pull valve very difficult since you would have to work with fingertips only.  Good mower/dreadful oil drain valve design.

      Apparently the dealer who couldn't tighten the drain valve made up for it by *** the oil filter on so tight it took a filter wrench and the crushing of the oil filter to get the filter loosened enough to get it off.

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      • Randy Estep

        Thanks for the great idea. I have had the same problem and was just going to install a regular plug that I could get a tool on but the pipe extension is a much better idea. Your statement "Good mower/dreadful oil drain valve design" is spot on.

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    • James Evans

      I consider myself with at least average intelligence but I simply cannot locate the oil drain plug on my YTH24K48. The manual says to (page 16)

      - raise the hood, ok that's simple enough

      - remove the fastener from lower dash cover


      Then there is a diagram of the Lower Dash cover but I simply cannot locate it on my tractor. It appears to be just to the right of the left front tire (looking forwards). It seems to indicate that once the Lower Dash Cover is removed all is revealed (oil drain plug).


      Is this one of those instances where they had different ways of engineering the same model number tractor and this doesn't apply to mine?


      oil.JPG (95KB)
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    • Richard Rosti

      I have had the tractor for about three years and have been mostly satisfied.  The yellow oil plug cover will not work because the value started coming lose immediately and the oil went everywhere.  Because this valve is so close to the frame you can't use a deep socket to tighten it.  There is no room to get an open end wrench, adjustable pliers, vice grips or anything else in there to tighten it.  The best I can do is use the yellow cover to screw on as best you can.  

      No good, not good at all.  

      This is an impossible situation and poor design of one of the most important parts of gasoline engine.

      Any ideas to tighten without totally dismantling the tractor and pull the engine out?

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