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    Tim Longnecker
    I have a Husqvarna 350 52cc chainsaw, #4HVXS.0525AA. The...Answeredescalated
    Warranty Question posted January 29, 2012 by Tim Longnecker, last edited February 10, 2012 
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    I have a Husqvarna 350 52cc chainsaw, #4HVXS.0525AA. The saw ran like a top for the first couple of years. then the muffler loosened. From what I have read since then, Husqvarna has had a continued problem with this model. I took the chainsaw to a Husqvarna repair shop, and the serviceman tightened the muffler. Within weeks, the muffler loosened again. In talking to the repairman, he confirmed that Husqvarna had dealt with the problem by offering a refit. So, I trusted that this would work, had the repairman to the work, and after paying over $100 for the repair, the muffler loosened within weeks. In calling him, he told me that other than tightening it again, he had no answers because Husqvarna had no other answers. Since that point, the muffler has loosened again to the point that the chainsaw housing melted into the oil reservoir, causing irreparable damage. I believe that Husqvarna is at fault here, for I have done all that was possible in following Husqvarna's guidelines. I realize that the chainsaw is no longer under warranty, but this situation would not have developed had the chainsaw been engineered properly. In reviewing other customer complaints, I see no other Husqvarna chainsaw with this recurring problem. I am not seeking a new saw, for I have gotten a couple of good years out of it, but I would love to buy another Husqvarna saw. I am requesting a coupon for a good percentage off a new saw. Thank you for your consideration.

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    Greg P.


    Thanks for contacting Husqvarna to post your situation.

    We regret to note significant damage to your model 350 chainsaw, but as you did not note the serial number or date of purchase of the unit, we have no immediate response relative to possible factory help toward repair or replacement.

    At this point, we would suggest you deliver the unit to the dealer who provided earlier attention for this condition and request his assistance in contacting Husqvarna Dealer Tech Support personnel. Together they can do a review of the history of the unit and determine whether assistance toward resolution may be possible.

    We will help if the unit is within the allowable time limit.