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    Steve K
    150BT vs. 350BT--When someone else recently asked what is...Answeredescalated
    General Product Question posted October 9, 2011 by Steve K, last edited February 10, 2012 
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    150BT vs. 350BT--When someone else recently asked what is the difference between these two blowers, the answer given was

    >>The primary differences were shrouding, decals and the blower tubes / nozzles.<<

    I am considering purchase of these models. However, the answer didn't really make it clear what the differences are. My questions are:
    --In saying that the differences "were," do you mean that one of these models has been discontinued? If so, which one?
    --What are the differences in the shrouding and the blower tubes/nozzles, and what is their effect when you are using these models?
    --Why do these two models have different cfm and air speed ratings?
    --Which model is better, and why?

    Thank you very much.

    Best Answer

    Doug P.

     Thank you for contacting the Answer Army.

    The model 350bt has replaced the 150bt model. The shrouds and blower tubes of the 350bt have been updated to increase performance. The 350bt is an excellent blower and will give you optimum performance and reliability.



    • Steve K

       Just a friendly bump here trying to get an answer to my's been 3 days...surely someone at Husqvarna knows the answers?

    • Doug P.

       Thank you for contacting the Answer Army.

      The model 350bt has replaced the 150bt model. The shrouds and blower tubes of the 350bt have been updated to increase performance. The 350bt is an excellent blower and will give you optimum performance and reliability.

    • gary brown

       the 350 showes worse specs than the 150.  in ai speed and volume. Is that true. I know the 150 is not to be much longer but it is still avail.  Yrour comments please

    • paul wesson

      DO NOT waste your money on husgvarna crap. ever one i purchased has broken done with in 13 months. no help fron husqarna they do not care .buy a stilt my old one lasted 20 years with hardly any problems. buy stiht

      • Steve Mathis

        I have a Husky blower and trimmer. The best Ive ever had. I use them commercially and they never fail me. The trimmer ive never touched. I bought it in 2010. Still going strong the primer bulb just broke after 5 yrs. FYI ive left it out in rain and sun. The best machine ever.  BTW Stilt is spelled Stihl .

    • JP

      perfect example of another "corporate answer" that provides NO help to anyone. Good Job Husqvarna..

      • bggreg
        I think difference has to do with mph/velosity at end of pipe The 150BT is (215)max. At the end of pipe and 494 cfm at end of pipe Not to be confused with spec. With concentrated pipe that shows(251)mph. Look at page 10 in operator manuel. The 350BT is (180) mph max at end of pipe, but has slightly larger cfm at end of pipe. According to husquvarna web page 494.41 cfm. Also has anti vibe for harnis. Please smeone credible correct my specs if i am wrong.
    • bggreg
      150BT air velosity(215) max at end of pipe and Not the reduced pipe spec.(250max)at end of pipe. Cfm at end of pipe 494cfm. Look at page 10 in owner manuel 350BT air velosity end of pipe 180mph. And 494.41 cfm Other diff anti vibe harnis on 350BT
    • bggreg
      Please someone that works for husqvarna correct me if i am wrong with specs listed from my previous post. I called 10 different dealers that i found on husqvarna cite and none of them could give me an accurate answer. Some dealers listed did not even sell your products.
    • tjw

      I am WANTING to buy one of these two models. I cant find ANYONE that can answer my question about the difference between the 150 and 350 BT. In reading these post I am getting more confused. I have seen on the Husqvarna site and the Lowes site that the 150bt air speed is 251mph. Why I am seeing 215mph? I have tried calling Husqvarna but they won't answer consumer questions. The husqvarna dealers really dont know much more about the different models than what is written in the "confusing specs." All I want to know is which one do I buy to blow thick, heavy oak leaves? The 150 or the 350 and why ???

      ALSO, Doug P. post form Oct 13, 2011 says the 150 bt has been replaced by the 350bt???? It is nearly 2015 and they are both still available !!!

      • tjw

        Now it is nearly 2016 and the 150BT is still available. Just bought the 150BT a few weeks ago along with the 125B hand held blower. I am not sure which to keep and which to return. The reviews on the 125B are TERRIBLE !!! I am not seeing anything bad about the 150BT. I just don't think I need the back pack. I love the power but I mainly need a blower in tight places my zero turn can't go. Does anyone recommend a Echo? Does Echo care about their customers unlike Husqvarno?

    • tjw

      Well No one is commenting on this site to answer my questions. Looks like I will be buying a Echo blower instead. Husqvarna sure doesn't care about their customers and their questions! Maybe Echo WILL BE MORE customer friendly.


    • Glenn Diephouse

      My blower was bought in July 2014. It quit running this Sept. I tryied the  true fuel from Lowes and it run Ok.  It is sad that it uses 6$ quart gas. I am a retired product eng. We had to design the product to use under the present environment or gas in this case. Different fuel lines could be used which would not be effected by the gas.  This leaf blower is junk and should be redesigned.  See Lowes reviews of product.

    • richard perini

      I recently purchased a 350BT. The main difference in performance is the air flow velocity. Other difference relate to noise and "comfort". I contacted Husqvarna (very tedious as others have noted) and was advised that one could replace the blower tube with one from the 150BT to increase the air flow velocity. (I assume a smaller outlet diameter) I plan to try that as the velocity for the 350 does not seem adequate to blow wet leaves. I am a mechanical engineer but was not allowed to speak with a "Tech Person". The answers were all relayed through a spokesperson. The dealer can provide a part number, but the OEM part would be less costly on line once the part number is obtained.