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    Brian Van Daalwyk
    Model number of older Feather Lite weed eater
    General Product Question posted April 6, 2015 by Brian Van Daalwyk 
    Model number of older Feather Lite weed eater

    I recently got a weed eater string trimmer from a guy at work who was cleaning out his late fathers shed and I need some information about this trimmer. The tag that normally has the model number on it is ripped apart, so I only know a couple of items about it. I hope with the below information and the picture, you can help me answer the (4) below questions.

    1) - What is the model number of this trimmer?
    2) - What is the gas/oil mix ratio?
    3) - What is the string diameter I should use?
    4) - What Champion model number spark plug do I use?

    Misc information about trimmer -
    - Weed Eater Feather Lite
    - Serial #95121N
    - Engine Family - SPW018UB23RA:EM
    - 18CC engine
    - The tag says this trimmer complies to 1995 regulations

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