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    Why does Husqvarna not bring back "old saw" parts?escalated
    Parts Question posted December 24, 2013 by JP, last edited December 24, 2013 
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    Why does Husqvarna not bring back "old saw" parts?

    With the way the world is going, and the fact that everyone is pinching pennies around the world.. and the fact that there are so many clones/knock offs out there.. and fewer and fewer Husqvarna shops/sellers are even around anymore.

    Why do they not bring back vintage parts for "older saws".   Husqvarna knows that their saw sales are down, regardless of the "stuff" they sell at home depot / lowes and other retailers.  


    People do not want to pay $700.00 to replace a saw that has 10 hours on it that they bought back in 1985. And the ONLY reason that they have to get rid of it is because they cannot purchase a flywheel or a CD ignition for it... I would think that husqvarna would be PROUD to see 20-30-40 year old saws out on the field being utilized. 

    Face it, people cannot afford new saws and I would be disgusted at the new saw prices as well.. HENCE the move towards chinese knockoffs of Husqvarna saws @ 100 bucks for a complete saw.

    Imagine having a local husky guy that could fix your 30 year old saw with brand new Husqvarna parts and not scavenged parts from ebay or other parts saws that are left around.

    I have probably spent ~ $1,600 bucks in parts from ebay, chainsawr, Jackssmall engine, mowpart, and other places in the past few years just on small parts to keep the chainsaws in optimum shape.  Screws missing, gaskets missing, mufflers missing nuts/bolts/studs, nylon guide protectors, chain catch and the list goes on and on.   

    Would they rather i operate a perfectly good 480CD without a chain catch because it is no longer available? would the rather i operate a 2101XP without a functional chain brake?   ALL because the MFG no longer makes the parts for them?   The consumer is NOT going to buy a new $1200.00 395XP to replace their 2101XP that is missing "only" a safety feature such as a Chain brake?

    YOu should really relook into doing this.  There are millions of your saws out there that will nEVER be replaced by another comparable saw.. It is just not feasible for consumers like myself. 

    Here is a list of saws that I currently own, i have purchased all of them from either Craigslist or Ebay because it is unimaginable what it would cost to buy them all new, or a comparable saw new.

    All of the below saws are about 99.9% complete with 99% original Husqvarna parts... very painful process to say the least.

    351 (cant remember), 372XPG with Jonsered 2171 bottom-end (2003), 61 Rancher (1980), 480CD (1980), 444SE (1984), 266SE (1986), 2101XP (cant read the label due to exhaust being puked on it), 3120XP (1989).


    Who in their right mind would not want a 99.9% complete 61 Rancher? 480CD? 444SE? 266SE? 2101XP? and chuck them due to lack of miniscule parts??????????????? what would the replacement cost of the above mentioned saws (Besides the 372XPG and 3120XP) be??????????????????????? just for a few stupid parts.


    Honestly, if i had the ability to MFG "clone/knockoff" husqvarna saws and sell them for 100 bucks a piece.. I would much rather convert my MFG capability to making "clone/knockoff" replacement parts for all the saws that Husqvarna no longer supports....   

    People that love Husqvarna saws are probably less apt to buying a chinese saw but would be willing to get some knock off parts in order to keep their REAL saw up and running.   I know I would.  And there would be alot more money in replacement parts that making an entire saw for 100 bucks... do the math on the parts alone if you buy them seperately. 

    Think about the amount of energy and resources it takes to make a new saw.... instead of using up a ton of magnesium to make a new saw, just sell the guy a CD ignition for their 480CD....  and save that magnesium for another saw that is actually NEEDED, not just needed because of lack of parts.

    Anyone else think I am on the right track or completely out of whack?



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    • Karla


      I think you made some good points in your write up, and I agree. Oh, they also do make Knock off parts in other countries too, I have purchased some of them, like complete cylinder and piston kits, and the machining is amazing all done with laser and CNC machining.

      I think the answer to your questions lye in economics and its all about making money, unfortunately they really don't care about someone that wants to keep and maintain there chainsaws forever or for a lifetime. Marketing says chainge the design, change the model, change the color, change how it works a little, and raise the prices.

      Just my thoughts!

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    • JP

      Karla, you are right about the knock off parts portion... I do have a meteor cylinder and piston in my 372XP because it was priced right.  They are making complete Husqvarna 362XP saws in china, even labeled as Husqvarna up to include the data plate saying it is real.   I would think that Husqvarna could fight that kind of baffoonery by simply making replacement parts for saws that millions / tens of millions of people already own. Saws that they can pass down to their children.

      You are correct about making money part but eventually the raw materials and the ability to process those raw materials are going to dry up. I think at some point MFGs have to do what is right by the environment  as well(believe me, i am NOT a tree hugger) but people have to realize the amount of energy it takes to create a new chainsaw (for example) compared to making a gasket.

      At the end of the day, the customer is much happier to pay someone to repair the saw for 50 bucks than to buy a new one for 700 bucks. Eventually that $700.00 saw will be "old" and hard to get parts for as well and then there is an endless cycle until the owner is dead and the kids get the saw and auction it off for 10 bucks.

      Look at Dubai.. they knew that the oil is drying up so they use revenue they gain now to build islands and build houses on the islands so that they can continue to survive after the oil is gone.   Husqvarna is NOT of the same mindset apparently.  

      I have a 3120XP that I cant even get certain parts for and they still sell the same saw!!!!!!!!!!! how is that possible? 

      I also have lawnboy 2 cycle commercial mowers... 33 years old and still running strong.. why is that? Is there a Husqvarna lawnmower that is built today that is engineered to last 33 years??????????????? I would sadly have to guess NO...

      Maybe someone here @ can pass this up their food chain and see what the bosses say up top.. That is, if the bosses up there are not concerned with their yearly bonus's. 


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    • JP

      If husqvarna wants a market for throw away chainsaws, that is why they make/sell poulans..... nothing against anyone that owns one..but they are priced right to throw them away.


      I do not wnat to throw away my 480CD or my 444SE or my 61, or my 2101XP because I cannot buy a screw or gasket.

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    • Karla


      Thanks for both replies, and I agree! But I don't think we can change Husqvarna, and of course World trade gets involved along with Competition in the Market place for small engines, and multiple manufacturers.

      I think we are living parallel paths,  I also have a Lawn Boy Commercial 2 cycle mower and I love it. Too funny. I found it at the local recycle center last year, I power washed it, cleaned up checked everything I could to find something wrong with it, and the only problem was a broken brake spring, so it felt like a siezed engine when pulling on the starter, Lol.

      I also fix all my own mowers, yard equipment, and chainsaws. I think I have about 15 chainsaws now, also too funny. They were all either recycle/ dump picked up or sold for parts, and everyone of them are now running at 100%, just like new. I don't use epoxy to fix parts, I replace with original parts when I can or am forced by a rediculous OEM price to buy aftermarket.

      Just one last comment, my favorite chainsaws are Old Homelites (70 & 80's) and second !are Husqvarna Models (455's & T435's) my favorites.

      Have a Happy Holiday, and If I can be of help just send me a shout!


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