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Warranty Question

    Bob B
    Hi, My family has a Husqvarna 1365GN generator. It has...escalated
    Warranty Question posted November 1, 2012 by Bob B 
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    My family has a Husqvarna 1365GN generator. It has 18.1 hours on it and it does not put out any voltage at any of the receptacles and the auto idle does not work. I have tried to reset all the breakers and GFIs without success. We are without power and I can't believe this happened and that we can't count on a Husqvarna product thats not even a year old to be there when we need it the most (no power here in NJ.) We could have gotten another brand for less than half the price but we went all out on this one thinking it was money well spent.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    • Rich O


      I have the exact same generator with the exact same problem :(

      My generator was working perfectly the day before Sandy hit...

      now, all of the sudden my low idle stopped working and I'm unable to reset the GFCI's ...

      I was told by my local repairman that that is two signs the the generator is NOT making any power??

      I dropped it off at his shop,  and so far I haven't heard a thing?

      I'll let you know if/when I do??

      my generator has 68 hours on it :(


      goodluck , I know your state got hit really bad :(

      lets keep eachother informed to any fixes we may find ok??

      sorry I wish I could have been more help :(

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