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Warranty Question

    kevin bradner
    I have a husqvarna 235 I bought about 2 months ago and I...escalated
    Warranty Question posted May 9, 2012 by kevin bradner, last edited May 10, 2012 
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    I have a husqvarna 235 I bought about 2 months ago and I absolutly hate it. It takes 10 minutes of hard cranking to get it to start, then when it is running, it will not idle. Under full throttle, it will bog down and die, turn it on its side to cut and it dies. I was really confused because I thought husqvarna was top of the line. I just either want my money back, the saw replaced with one that is made like a " poulan" ( even if I have to pay the difference ) or something, this 235 isnt the husqvarna that I know to be reliable and dependable. Please assist me on anything I can do, I have always been a loyal husqvarna customer, but after buying this, I am wondering if I still should be. Please advise.



    • kevin bradner

       Is this forum still active ? Does anyone contact information for someone at corporate ? I just want to get some kind of response before I start file conplaints and negative feedback with BBB.

    • Randy R


       There could be several different things that could cause what your experiencing, the machine is still within its warranty period, I advise taking it in to a local service for warranty evaluation.