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    Mark E
    Husqvarna 435 Chain Saw - Very difficult to start....Answeredescalated
    Service & Maintenance Question posted October 31, 2011 by Mark E, last edited February 10, 2012 
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    Husqvarna 435 Chain Saw - Very difficult to start.

    I have a Husqvarna 435 Chain Saw that I purchased from Lowes about a year ago and I have only used it a couple of times.

    The problem I have is it is extremely difficult to start. I had to use it yesterday to try and clean up some tree limbs after they got knocked down during a storm. After 30 minutes trying to start it and unable to, I gave up and went to the hand saw.

    This should start so easily but it does not. I believe I have the proper fuel mixture and I follow the instructions in the manual but still no luck.

    I read somewhere that someone mentioned needing to adjust the low idle scree 1/4 turn but I did not see any details on how to get to it. Sounds like you have to fabricate some special tool just to turn the screw.

    Does anyone have good advice on how to adjust this so it will start?

    Also, the pull rope seems to stick from time to time. Any idea's on that would be most appreciated as well.

    At this point I would be hard pressed to recommend any Husqvarna product but I guess I'll reserve final judgement until I get to the bottom of the issues.


    Best Answer

    Greg P.

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for contacting Husqvarna. What has probably happened according to your story is that the saw has probably sat around with last years gas. While you may have changed it out, the carburetor itself has been affected by this and you will need to get your saw to an authorized dealer. The carburetor will need to be cleaned, adjusted and possibly replaced. I'm sure they can take a look at your pull start while it is there. As far as the carburetor adjusting tools these are only available to authorized service centers. EPA mandates prevent this tool from being sold to the direct public. There are heavy fines for anyone caught using these tools or adjusting carburetors.


    "Carburetor adjustments with tamper resistant screws or limiter caps must be conducted by Authorized Emission Certified Servicing Dealers ONLY. The dealer must supply the unit to the customer in the original configuration, using manufacturer’s carburetor adjustment procedure, which includes having if equipped the limiter caps in place before the unit is put into service. Knowingly removing or rendering inoperative a device, element, or design installed on or in a non-road engine which is in compliance with E.P.A. or C.A.R.B. regulations is classified as TAMPERING. TAMPERING is a violation of FEDERAL LAW, resulting in significant civil penalties (fines) of up to $25,000 for each violation per day. This is the reason the tools are not sold to the public sector." Hope this helps and thank you for using our products.



    • Joe Tatum
      Scott Gordon said:

      Husqvarna 445 chainsaw I had a few years with no problems, now has an issue. Hasn't been used that much, no ethanol, and run gas out after putting up. Saw runs good with power but after about 5- 8 minutes of use, will not restart. Let it cool off, saw will start and run a few more minutes. I have replaced spark plug, fuel filter, and cleaned air filter. Also opened up the low speed jet, but no change. Spark arrestor is not clogged. Possible solutions?

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    • Joe Tatum

      I have been working on Husqvarna 2-cycle products for over 20 years. They don't make the new ones like the old ones. You could have 2 problems. The least problem could be the Carburetor. It sounds like the diaphragm on the carburetor could have been exposed to the ethanol gasoline enough that the rubber diaphragm has gotten hard and it is not flexible anymore, or you could have some trash in the screen. The best way to fix this problem is to take the saw to a certified dealer and have the carb checked, or if you are a DO-IT-YOURSELF kind of guy take the carburetor off and take it to a certified 2-cycle mechanic and have the carburetor rebuilt. The other thing is that if it runs for a little while until it gets hot and the cuts off, and the won't start back, it could be the coil. You still should take the saw to a certified 2-cycle mechanic and have the problem fixed. If it is the carb you can plan on spending around $40.00 to $45.00 to have it rebuilt. If it is the coil you are looking at approximately $65.00 just for the coil, and then the labor to have it installed. The coil must be installed correctly because the (AIR GAP) on the fly wheel must be set before the engine will start. I know this probably doesn't help you much, sounds like you should take it to a 2-cycle mechanic. Sorry I couldn't help much.

    • Frank Francisco

      May be the coil (ignition module) is overheating caused by an incorrect gap or failing module. 

    • Joe Tatum

      Sorry. Not trying to be an expert, but this guy doesn't even know what a coil looks like, or where it is located on the saw.

    • Frank Francisco

      I replaced a good coil (the spring cap to the spark plug had detached) with a generic coil.  I did not set the gap causing it to run rough on my Husky blower and then burn out.  While it ran, it would not start hot.  I replaced the spring cap to the original coil by threading the wire and re-seating it.  The only other thing I did was replace the fuel line.

      All my tools are running great.

      I was just suggesting this based on my experience and continued motivation to be a DIY.

    • Roger Moss

      I have the Husky 450 and have been using it from time to time for a couple of years.

      This week, I've run  into the starting problems you've posted above and so I began trouble shooting by making a batch of new gas mix, changing the spark plug and had no improvement. Then on an impulse, I tweaked the cylinder pressure release button UP-- not down before the yank, and the sucker started right up. Apparently that pressure release was never returning to the proper position and interfered with combustion. i hope this helps others.


    • rodolpho sanchez

      I have to agree with the many comments here. I've worked with a lot of chainsaws and the older brands crank easier and start reliable, even with questionable gas. The Husqvama is horrible. It is hard to pull and almost feels like it locks up. It wears you out. After a great deal of work, I can get the engine to hit but most of the time it just dies. When it does run, you are afraid to turn it off knowing how hard it is to start. Someone really should look into this problem because a lot of people are having it. 

    • Jim Detloff

      I have a brand new Husqvarna 435 E II that I got for Father's day this year. I have YET to get it to start once, except for 30 seconds the day after I got it.!! I followed all the directions to the letter. I've had it in TWICE to an authorized repair dealer in my area...and I don't think they have a clue what they're doing. They'll start it once for me at the repair place, but after I'm home with it for a couple hours and want to use it...IT WILL NOT START NO MATTER WHAT!! Fresh gas mixed with GENUINE Husqvarna 2-cycle oil. I've had it in twice already! My question for Husqvarna what point can I send this piece of junk back for a full refund? TOTAL LEMON!!

      I've wasted hours of time and lots of money on throwing out the fuel and starting over with fresh...just in case there was a problem there. Man...SUPER disappointed in Husqvarna so far. Waiting...

    • Thomas Hohenstein

      Looks like I am not the only one having problems with the DISPOSABLE chain saw.  Use it TWICE and after that, pull 200+ times and it will NOT start or even attempt to.  I have a 435, new chain oil, new gas/oil is clean and new.  Broke my *** back trying to start it.  $300 down the toilet.  Never will buy your lousy cheap crap again.  Now my dumpster owns your 435.  Thanks for nothing.  Hope your executives have a nice summer vacation after ripping off their customers selling broken garbage.  You should ALL be ashamed of selling worthless trash for hundreds of dollars.  Actually, you should close your doors and go out of business.  You have NO idea what the %^$# you are doing.  I told my neighbor who is planning to buy a saw.  Told him NOT to buy your trash.

    • Thomas Hohenstein

      These people have no CLUE what they are selling.  I have never attempted to use such junk before.  Never again.  My next one will NOT be Husqjunka...that is for sure.  I don't think these people care either.  Next complaint will be to Lowes who sells this crap.

    • Thomas Hohenstein

      Are they making this crap in China these days?

    • Frank Francisco

      Fortunantly, my 460 has never had problems starting, maintaining idle.  It may be different than yours in that is uses a compression valve to help start the saw.  After the compression valve pops open, it is pushed back in, choke closecd and re-primed.  It usually starts with the next pull.

    • Thomas Hohenstein

      Apparently, you are one of the fortunate ones.  Mine is in the trash.

    • Neil Neil van der spuy

      I have had a 257 for about 12 years. When I bought the chainsaw the dealer gave me some training on haw to operate

      the saw. I always remember what he said:-

      The chain is really the heart of the saw, if possible always lightly sharpen between fuel refills.

      Starting a Husky can be a real ***, always follow this procedure:-

      First choke, pull till the first misfire, de-choke and then pull to start.

      This works for me, I don't use the decompression valve and never the throttle before it's running.