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    Chris Armour
    Hello, I'm in the market for a snowblower. I did a lot...escalated
    General Product Question posted September 8, 2012 by Chris Armour 
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    Hello, I'm in the market for a snowblower. I did a lot of research online for the brands/models that will meet my needs and wants. B&S engine, 28-30" width, handwarmers, cast iron gear case, preferably some sort of steering, appx $1500, etc.... I then went out to the stores to check out the machines. First stop was Lowes, to check out the John Deere models. Husqvarna was honestly at the bottom of my list due to the models listed on thier webpage, the only model on thier webpage that comes close is the 27" 14527E(The B&S engine is a #1 priority). So anyway, I get to Lowes and I see the Husqvarna ST230E. 30", 342cc B&S engine, handwarmers, standard drift cutters, LED Headlamp, steering control, not sure if the gear case is cast iron or not(anyone got an answer?), $1300. I was in shock. How did I miss this model on the website? How is this thing only $1300? Well, I missed it because its not the Husky webpage, does anyone have any info on this snowblower? Has Husqvarna just not updated thier online info yet? Or, is it a special "Lowe's only" model? For only $1300, were any corners cut compared to the competition, for instance, how much does it weigh? I know one area where money was saved is the chute adjustment, all mechanical, which I prefer anyways. Any answers to my questions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chris
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    • Chris Armour

      I decided to go with a little bit smaller width and bought a Ariens Platinum 24 instead, thanks anyway.

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