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    Tom Marotta
    Hello - There is a white plastic tank right behind my seat...
    General Product Question posted April 26, 2016 by Tom Marotta 
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    Hello - There is a white plastic tank right behind my seat (I have the MZ61 27 HP Zero Turn Mower) It's not listed in the documentation at all and not even in the diagrams in any of the manuals. It looks to have a "water drop" icon on it with a tube leading out of it. What is this used for? I'm tempted to fill it with water - but after some searching, someone seems to have used it for hydraulic fluid... Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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    • Eugene Rounds

      That is your Hydro Transmissions oil expansion tank. On the side of it is a cold fill level marking. If below this line and the transmissions are cold at 20w50 motor oil to this line. As the drives heat up oil will expand filling the tank to a higher level just like your car's radiator expansion tank does except it is oil not water.

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      • Tom Marotta

        Thank you very much, Eugene!

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