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    ken welp
    Hydraulic pump-motor fluid: I have a Husqvarna LSZ4622...
    Service & Maintenance Question posted April 27, 2015 by ken welp 
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    Hydraulic pump-motor fluid: I have a Husqvarna LSZ4622 mower. The dealer that I purchased the mower from does not know what fluid type should be added to the hydraulic system of this mower. There is no fluid visible in the reservoir. One of the 2 pump units is collecting dust, while the other is clean. This leads me to believe that the dirty unit is leaking a little fluid. I would like to add fluid to bring the level back to where it was when the mower was new, to make sure the pumps do not run dry. What fluid type should I add?
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    • Eugene Rounds

      The product number from the serial number tag will help id which hydro units you have. The Hydro Gear and Tuff Torq units use 20w50 motor oil preferably synthetic. The Kanzaki/Tuff Torq Dup-10S pump uses 15w40 synthetic oil.

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