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    Inge Sinclair
    I have purchased a Husqvarna Rancher 450 50cc 20in blade...escalated
    General Product Question posted March 4, 2013 by Inge Sinclair 
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    I have purchased a Husqvarna Rancher 450 50cc 20in blade says Farm Tough on the blade @ Lowe's in Washington NC and service is not what i expected. I am trying to get a replacement chain but I am informed i need to special order this. I do not have the spec's on me but remember it has a 0.325 pitch. So I purchased a chain for a regular 450, pitch is 0.325. Is this compatible with my Farm Tough 20in blade? the man tells me at Lowe's it is not and I need to special Order. Why is Farm Tough not available anywhere else?
    Thank you for your time
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    • Karla



      Here is some information for you:

      G78 MICRO-LITE™ (95VPX) 78 .325" .050" 3/16" has a selector guide, and this is there recommended chain for a Husqvarna 450 chainsaw. G78 is the Oregon part number which most manufacturers can cross reference to their brand. But here are the important numbers for any brand to fit your 20" saw and bar. The 78 is the number of drive links, some chains put a "D" or "DL" in front of the 78 to designate drive links. The .325 is the pitch, and the .050 is the gauge or the thickness of the drive links that fit into the bar, also the thickness of the bar groove. The 3/16" is the round file size, if you choose to hand sharpen this chain.

      So you really need all three numbers when buying a chain, drive links (78), pitch (.325) and gauge (.050).

      Again I hope this helps!

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