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Service & Maintenance Question

    Robert Bessette
    Just got a new YTH22V46. Mower runs great however the deck...escalated
    Service & Maintenance Question posted July 4, 2013 by Robert Bessette 
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    Just got a new YTH22V46. Mower runs great however the deck height is way too low for fescue and I can only cut on level 6 (highest). Is it recommended to use the leveling adjustments to raise the entire deck and can I get one inch rise overall and have some flexibility based on time of the season? Please advise. No scalping allowed.....


    • eldon kilpatrick

      I have a YTH22V42 lawn tractor.  The mower deck sits way too low.  When setting the cutting height on six the actual height of the cut is only about 2 1/2 inches.  I have a lot of scalpng at the six setting onslightly uneven terraine and the sun raises cane with the health of the grass.  When I try to set the cut level to one, the deck sits hard on the ground and the blades cut into the dirt.  I have spoken with the local dealer and he has no idea how the deck height can be elevated.  ANyone have the same problem????

    • Robert Bessette

      OK so how do we get a factory response?  I can go back to Lowes "the dealer" but suspect the sales staff are not experts regarding resolution of the deck height issue.  This seems to be a common complaint.


      Can someone from Husqvarna please respond.

    • Steve Kane

      I have the exact same issue; mower blades are 2 and a half inches high on deck setting 6.  I can't even get to level 2 because the deck hits the ground.  Please help!

    • Tony Smyth

      Checking in on this as I have the same problem.  The deck height can be adjusted but only on one side in order to level it.  There does not seem to be a way to raise the entire deck.  Does anyone have a solution?

      • pat linehan

        There is no way to raise the deck, and you wont get a response from Husqvarna. I have the same mower. I hate to say it but Ive wasted my money.

        Take a look underneath at the linkage and see how it all works, sit next to the mower (obviously without it running) while you raise and lower the deck with one hand. The deck is raised by two suspension arms attached to brackets welded to the deck. At the highest setting (6) on my mower at least, there is only 1/2 inch between this bracket and the frame on the tractor, meaning it can ONLY travel that much more. Thats it.  Its a POOR design. Firstly, there was never any planning for deck travel, secondly, look at the angle of the suspension arm, should be steeper, and those deck brackets..once again, not designed for travel.

        I shouldn't actually say its a bad design, I believe they designed the way they believed the mower would be used. They probably honestly think everybody mows the lawn between 1 and 2 inches in height.  Based on that "logic" I guess the design is good.




    • robert powers

      tires are to small,check the tire measurement

    • jim caswell

      anyone find a good answer to  Eldons questions? I too have this issue.



    • robert powers

      I took mine to my dealer. they agree. tires are 2" smaller they they say. the only way to raise the deck is put the right size tires on.

      but the factory is giving my dealer the 2 step. BS.

      imm going to call factory again. then im going to get really pissed!!

    • Randy Schultz

      I also just bought a Husqvarna YTH22V46 and found out the deck is too low.  Unfortunately I found this out after the blade caught a rock and snapped the mandrel.  After reading on this site I notice that this is a common problem but there are no answers being provided, therefore my options are:

      1. Return the mower and get my money back (still under warranty) and buy a John Deer from Home Depot.
      2. Replace the 15” front tires with 16” tires ($42 each at Lowes).
      3. Get another adjustable link and place it on the other side as well so the entire deck can be raised more (will be hard since the provided repair part manual doesn’t actually reference the link) 

      It appears that 3 inches is as high as the deck goes (the more expensive mowers go higher by at least 1/2 inch)

    • Randy Schultz

      OK I don't get it; the front tire are rated at 15x6.00x6NHS.  The 15 is the diameter, but the tire actually is 13 inches tall - time to go back to Lowes and ask WTF

    • Gregory Benn
      Any updates on this? I just received this lawn tractor yesterday and after uneven scalping the yard, I spent time in the evening leveling the deck and making sure the anti-scalp wheels are correctly adjusted. I suspect that I won't be scalping anymore but when on level 6 of the mower deck height the blade is 3.5" from the concrete I was measuring from. Lawn is softer and I expect that even at the highest deck setting I'll be mowing at 3 inches. The deck lays on the ground at the lowest setting for me too.
    • Gregory Benn
      Just an observation, the tire height clearly measures 13" but stamped on the tire sidewall it reads "Carlisle 15x6.00-6NHS" and with a Maximum PSI of 14 pounds. The tires arrived to me around 25psi and I deflated them to the tire specs.
    • Robert Bessette

      Is there anyone from the factory or reps monitoring this site?????  Numerous coments but no "official" responses to the answer army.  After one year I'm still cutting at #6 level only (5 on a dry week) but would like to hear from the factory.... What say you H


    • Michael Mitchell

      Has anyone resolved this issue yet? I am also having the same problem with my deck being too low. I'm thinking of putting additional air in the tires to see if I can gain an extra 1/2"...

    • robert powers

      how many people have to give the factory answer before they get off there a**.

      I like Husq. but there customer service needs serious overhaul. is this a Chinese company?

      who do I contact next? the AG? ridiculous!

    • Randy Schultz

      No, they will not answer, don’t know why.  It appears they have more questions asked than actually answered.

      My deck, brand new, was waaaaaayyyy out of balance.  Put your mower on four bricks (so you can see what you are doing with a tape measure) and balance the deck to the blade height – not the deck: obviously adjust the height number with the height of the brick.  It resolved my issues.

      I tried putting on 16” wheels, that worked but I wasn’t comfortable with the front link assembly as it used almost all of the length of the assembly, so I put the 15s back on.

      The two point link adjusters is a weak design.  The more expensive models have a three point adjustment which would allow balance as well as raise/lower.  Adding another side assembly (I *think* #532195264) should fit on this model but I did have to go there.

      There is a lot of discussions as to why 15” mower tires aren’t actually 15 inches (but 16s are) but I didn’t chase that either since mine now functions

      • Gregory Benn

        Like Randy said... my deck and blade were way off too.  The instructions tell you to adjust the air pressure, once you do that- park the mower on a level surface and get yourself a short ruler and do an accurate measurement of the blade heights (left/right & front/back) just like the instructions say.  Once I did that and got the blades level, then adjusted the anti-scalping wheels since they too were off.  After all that....  finally, it worked.  Good luck.