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Service & Maintenance Question

    Robert Bessette
    Just got a new YTH22V46. Mower runs great however the deck...escalated
    Service & Maintenance Question posted July 4, 2013 by Robert Bessette 
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    Just got a new YTH22V46. Mower runs great however the deck height is way too low for fescue and I can only cut on level 6 (highest). Is it recommended to use the leveling adjustments to raise the entire deck and can I get one inch rise overall and have some flexibility based on time of the season? Please advise. No scalping allowed.....


    • Dave Ad

      I found a great and easy way to fix this problem on the internet


    • Bruce Turk

      My GT2254 mower has the same low deck problem. Even with the scalp wheels set at the lowest (raises the deck the highest) setting the blade scalps the ground. Clearly the scalp wheels should not be supporting the weight of the mower deck but mine do. No adjustment to the lever that raises the deck helps. I wear out the scalp wheels quickly due to them supporting the deck 100% of the time. I've had so many problems with this mower deck you have no idea. I'm constantly welding up a new crack in the deck. 

    • Rich Batty

      I have this same problem. Husqvarna needs to fix this problem.