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    John Zrodlowski
    I have a Poulan Pro blower/vac model BVM200VS. It was...escalated
    General Product Question posted April 16, 2011 by John Zrodlowski, last edited February 10, 2012 
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    I have a Poulan Pro blower/vac model BVM200VS. It was purchased from Lowe's on 11/15/2010. I have never used anything but the correct gas to oil mix and have used the supplied 2-stroke oil. The blower had always started and run very well. Then, 2-3 weeks ago it stalled out and will not start again. I have checked for spark and am getting it. Replaced the spark plug after checking and setting the appropriate gap. Took apart and cleaned the fuel intake system including blowing out the fuel filter. According to the printed material packed with the blower, it would appear to be under warranty. I have read a lot about this brand/model on line. From what I can gather, the unit has lost compression in the cylinder. This would be the most logical diagnosis given the other causes already ruled out. The loss of compression is most likely due to one of two reasons or both: the piston ring has gotten stuck in the set groove on the piston (which this model is well known for) or the head bolts have vibrated loose enough to compromise compression (another model related flaw). Many of the customer reviews of this blower were quite unfavorable, more than some warning a potential customer against purchase of Poulan. Of those customers that did take the unit in for repair, under warranty, more than 60% were told the problem was not covered and due to improper gas to oil mix. My question is should I take it in and have it checked for possible repair, even under warranty?
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    • Scott W.

      Thank you for contacting Answer ARMY.

      You can find your local Poulan dealers for sales and service as well as manuals and a place to order parts using the link provided choose the appropriate link at the bottom of the page.

      Service Locator  (Canadian customers use postal code no spacing)
      Contact Us
      Download Manuals
      Order Parts (This is a third party company not Poulan)  or can contact local dealer.

      Your local dealer is your best and fastest source of information.

      For warranty consideration you should present the unit and your original dated sales receipt to the servicing dealer as well as the problem must be of a warrantable nature (a defect in materials or workmanship), incorrect or old fuel, impact damage, incorrect storage are examples of non warranty. All warranty service must be completed by servicing dealer.

      Yes you should let a local dealer take a look at the unit. It is imprtant to understand that even if you have a proper gas and oil mixture, with todays fuels and alcohol contents the fuel oil can separate these leaves high concentration of alcohol in the tank and fuel can. At that time you believe the unit was mixed correctly and it may have been. The local dealer would be able to make the determination as to what the failure is. Todays fuels should not be used beyond a 30 day period, and you should always agitate the fuel can before refuelling your equipment.

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