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    I HAVE A 2654 TRACTOR AND WAS MOWING A FLAT LAWN , HOW IN...Answeredescalated
    General Product Question posted July 25, 2011 by KYLEY FENTRESS, last edited May 4, 2012 
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    Scott W.

    Thank you for contacting the AnswerARMY.

    First lets clear the above comment up.

    I pushed this to the engineers. The transmission in the LGT2654 is designed to carry the load and the horse power produced in this model.

    We do offer different transmissions in different models the model transmission that is referred to in the above reply has not been used by Husqvarna for more than 4 years, and when it was that tractor started at $2700.00 The spacers as are referred to do not affect the transmission in any way. The spacers affect ground clearance and design based on the frame chosen and the tire size. K46 Tuff Torq transmissions ( the brand and type in your tractor ) can and do have different gear ratios,this is determined in part by tire size as there are limitations on ground speed. So a transmission with a larger tire diameter requires a different gear ratio than one with a smaller tire. Also Tuff Torq Corporation has to approve the design of the tractor and the various implements the tractor is to be officially supported with. The axle spacers are not to "fool" anyone as referred in the previous response they are in place on many brands of tractor to keep the axles clean and cut down on rust and to space the wheel in some instances.

    We have had isolated reports of this axle breaking, less than 50 a year and we have produced Tens of Thousands each year. Pleae take the tractor to your local authorized service center for repairs.

    This failure represents less than 1/2 of 1 percent.

    As a side note there are tens of thousands of this same model that have never had a failure of the axle. 


    • Aric Viers

      I too had this same problem, in the second season of mowing, i chalked it up to the "cost savings" of most companies these days and i just replaced the bolts myself, the third season those bolts didn't come out, the transaxle tore through the bracket and subsequently tore the main frame brackets almost completely off of the mower, after that repair i didn't even make it through the same mowing season and now the transaxle is toast, all of these problems are showing up all over the internet, and at all of the Husqvarna repair shops that I've spoken with.  The local shop mechanic showed me a shelf in their storage facility that he calls his "k46 bone yard", there were more than a dozen laying on that shelf from this season alone!  So allow me to recap, I have spent countless hours replacing expensive parts such as belts, brackets, bolts, fan blades, steel (from the frame/bracket rebuilds), k46 pump, k46 motor, main internal body for pump and motor, three quarts of high dollar oil, filter, and the unending horrible appearance of my lawn.  To date there have been nothing but excuses and blame from the three different manufacturers, Lowes says "you'll have to contact the manufacturer", Husqvarna says "Tuff Torq under-designed it", Tuff Torq says that the "buyer" of their transaxle "uses the wrong oil to save a buck".  I ASK!!!!!  Is there anyone out there with any kind of a decent resolution or contact number of someone that can help?  When i purchased my "machine" (piece of garbage at this point) I was searching for a machine that would cover a large range of needs, I was assured by the Lowes sales associate that this machine was Much more than i would ever need, I purchased the attachments that I was promised that the machine could handle with "ease", I now have well over $4800.00 wrapped up in a pile of trash!

    • Stephanie Smith

      I have the same problem with my 2554 model tractor.  The axle snapped like a twig.  And  when I contacted the company I was told it's not their problem, it was the problem of the transmission manufacturer and they couldn't tell me who manufactured that transmission.  It was my responsibility to take it to a dealer and have them tell me who the manufacturer was.

    • Dave Breezley

      I also have a Husqvarna LGT 2654 and have busted the axles twice in 3 years and have replaced the seals four times.  Husqvarna should be SUED for misleading it's customers.  The Tuff Torque website clearly shows the K46 listed under the light duty LAWN TRACTORS and not the LAWN and GARDEN TRACTORS.  This tractor is suppose to handle garden attachments, which it cannot, it can't even handle pulling a 400 lb roller over a flat lawn.  I am not, by any means, happy with this tractor and want to know why Husqvarna has not recalled these tractors to replace the K46 with a suitable transmission.

    • Aric Viers

      I wish I knew how to start a lawsuit, I'd sue the pants off of those people!!!!  My total initial investment was over $5000.00 for something that I expected to have for the rest of my life, I spent well over an additional $1000.00 under their advisement on repair/replacement parts just to sell it two months later for less than $600.00 for parts! I will NEVER buy any product from Husquvarna again and I will certainly never recommend then to anyone! This company never stood behind any portion of their own product!

    • Charles Lowe

      I have a LGT2654 and the axle just snapped. I have already replaced the engine in this POS which popped! Anyone know where we can find a used transaxle, or internal parts? Otherwise this thing is junk!! Wont buy another HUSQVARNA product ever!!

    • joey vega

      don't believe this clown army as he is a Husqvarna cronie he is just there to deny any issue

      all you need to do is go to consumer reports over 100 of the same models break axles like popsicle stix

      along with poor welds and assembly,, its all about the money with husqvarna

      its all a matter of time before they get sued one guys mower broke the frame where the axle meets

      he went flying down his driveway into traffic no way to stop it. go ahead army deny that too

    • kevin Moncavage

      Well I guess I'm a 1/2 percenter. Ok I was under the same misconception that this wasn't just a lawnmower. Disappointed that so many customers are having the same is with the broken left rear axel . It seems foolish as a manufacturer not to fix such a small

      amount of customer issues. Hey it's only half a percent . I have about 300 hrs on machine . 

    • Patrick Elam

      Scott W. That's not even taking into account, the thousands of people who don’t know about this website and don’t complain either.

    • James Roquer

      My LGT2654 just snapped the left axle.  I have less than 300 hours on it on a flat acre.

      My son was mowing a neighbor's yard when it happened.  Had to muscle it home.