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Warranty Question

    Kim Licausi
    I use my Poulan Pro string trimmer for household purposes...escalated
    Warranty Question posted March 21, 2012 by Kim Licausi, last edited March 30, 2012 
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    I use my Poulan Pro string trimmer for household purposes only i.e. not for commercial, professional, rental or income producing purposes.
    Does it appear that my string trimmer would be covered under the original warranty for this product for the problem listed below?
    If the following problem can not be corrected, is there any way I can return this string trimmer or get a refund? I also purchased the edger attachment for this string trimmer which also cuts great when the string trimmer is working properly.

    I purchased a Poulan Pro string trimmer Model # PP335 966062901 6/14/2011. I've had to bring it in to the repair shop twice already because it would not start. The problem was corrected the first time by adjusting the carburetor. The second time the problem was corrected by changing the spark plug which had become corroded apparently from the fuel mixture.
    Yesterday the string trimmer started but died whenever I tried to cut with it. Both the air filter and spark plug were covered with gas/oil mixture. The 2 previous times I used the string trimmer, my clothes smelled strongly of the string trimmer fuel mixture-this had never happened previously.
    My questions: Why is the gas/fuel mixture fouling the air filter and spark plug? Is there anything that can be done to permanently correct the problem? Why do my clothes smell like fuel mixture after using the Poulan Pro?
    I love the way this stringtrimmer cuts when it's working but I don't want to have gas all over my clothes after I use it nor do I wish to keep returning to my authorized service dealer for repairs. Thanks for any info.
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    • Greg P.

       Kim post 2 other options

      We regret to note your reported difficulty with the operation of your trimmer.

      The conditions you described could possibly be caused by the carburetor. If the main inlet needle valve in the carburetor fuel flow system is not closing & sealing as it should, the engine will run in a flooded condition which can contribute to spitback, low power, excess fuel fumes and/or unburned oil coming from the muffler, fouled plug, etc.

      However, please recognize that always running the unit a low speeds, putting too much oil in the fuel mix, or running too-old fuel mix - we do not recommend keeping fuel over 30 days unless you use higher-test gasoline and our oil with stabilizer added, but even then not over 60 days - can give similar results.

      At this point we can only suggest, if you are sure your fuel in not at fault, that you get the unit to the service dealer for further evaluation for the actual cause of the problem.

      Should it be a defective carburetor, as the unit is still well within the 2 year warranty period. the warranty policy coverage will handle the service & parts costs.

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      • Kim Licausi
         Greg P., Thanks for the info again. The fuel mix I was using when I started to smell like the fuel mixture after using the string trimmer consisted of middle grade gas, poulan 2 cycle oil for string trimmer & a fuel stabilizer recommended by the authorized Poulan Pro service dealer. The mix was less than 30 days old. Kim L.
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    • Olivia Fair

      My trimmer starts fine but after a while (5 minutes) of use it konks out. It also konks out if I run it at full speed and then leg go of the trigger. When I try to get it started again it konks out when I pull the trigger. After several times of trying to get it going again it just would not start. I have not tried it again since the weekend but assume it will start again when it is cooled down.I did a google search and found that many people seem to have this same problem with the Poulan  .The manual is also lowsy as it does not tell you how to do any adjustments on it. I figure since the warranty is over I may as well see if there is something I can do to take it apart and fix it. I was actually thinking of getting a Troybit after this review or try change on another model Poulan, couse to another techniques this brand  no complaints

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