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    Doug Koehler
    Yesterday I purchased a Husqvarna HU800AWDX/BBC walk-behind...
    Parts Question posted August 29, 2016 by Doug Koehler, last edited August 29, 2016 
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    Yesterday I purchased a Husqvarna HU800AWDX/BBC walk-behind mower. Within an hour of using it, My wife managed to break what I believe is called the BBC control bail. I found a parts breakdown online and the part number appears to be 587 56 41-15.

    No dealer or service center in my area has this part in stock. Many did not even have a parts breakdown for this model (961450029 00). I was told even if they had the part in stock, there are other people ahead of me and it could be 2 weeks before my mower is repaired.

    I have tried contacting all the Husqvarna parts distributors I could find online but none of them have this part and say it will be 2-3 weeks before they will receive the part, and another 3-8 days to ship it to me.

    Where can I get this part? It looks to be a 5 minute replacement. My yard is currently half- mowed.
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    • Eric Brundage

      Just bought the HU800AWDX/BBC. With 10 minutes of use I had the same issue and the BBC handle broke. Poor design. Went to Husqvarna dealer. They couldn't believe it. They called their "Tech line" as was told they had never seen this before. Told them to look at their customer support help website and just do a google search. Posting this on other social media just incase they decide to remove this post. 10 business days to get replacement part that if not redesigned will break again. Very weak point in handle and pin that holds plastic BBC in place. Purchased on March 31 2017, had to order, picked up on April 6th, and attempted to use on April 16th 2017. I will give them a chance to make this right, but this is not a good sign.

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    • Doug Koehler

      Sorry to hear of your trouble, and even sorrier that Husqvarna still hasn't fixed their faulty design. An engineer friend looked at my pictures and said it looks like primer on the metal (right picture, upper right) where there should be bare, broken metal. He said if he had to guess, it looks like there was a flaw in the metal and some primer seeped in, hiding the crack, before the final coat of paint was applied. But without actually seeing it and testing the substance, he couldn't say for certain.

      Ultimately (on the advice of a Husqvarna phone rep, who I hope didn't lose their job), I took my defective mower back to the dealer. They hemmed and hawed and looked at it and called some people and looked at it again and everyone agreed it shouldn't have done that... and after about an hour of that they finally decided to exchange my broken mower for a brand new one of the same model.

      And we've been VERY cautious with it ever since.

      Best of luck to you and I hope you get it resolved.

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