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    David Thomas
    RZ5426 Forward/Reverse handle linkage adjustment. How do...
    Service & Maintenance Question posted September 22, 2014 by David Thomas 
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    RZ5426 Forward/Reverse handle linkage adjustment.

    How do you adjust the forward/reverse linkage?

    Since I bought the RZ5426 it has started trying to pull to the left as soon as I start it.  It seems to me that the right side transmission is adjusted a little more "forward" than the left one.

    I'm trying to figure out how to adjust the forwar/reverse and neutral controls adjustment.

    Thanks for any help!

    ATTACHED: Photo of the linkage I need to adjust

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    • Eugene Rounds

      Note: Return to neutral adjustment is hereafter refer to as RTN.

      The return to neutral mechanism (RTN) on the transmission is designed to set the directional control into a neutral position when the operator releases the vehicle hand control. Follow the procedures below to properly adjust the return to neutral mechanism on the transaxle:

      1. Confirm the transaxle is in the operating mode (bypass disengaged). Raise the vehicle’s drive tires off the ground to allow free rotation. NOTE: It may be necessary to remove the drive wheel from the axle hub to access the linkage control and the transaxle return arm. Remove the wheel by removing the four (4) lug nuts. Do not remove the axle/hub nut.

      2. Remove the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM’s) control linkage at the control arm. Refer to Figure 5.

      3. Start the engine and increase the throttle to full engine speed.

      4. Check for axle rotation. If the axle does not rotate, go to Step 5. If the axle rotates, go to Step 6.

      5. Stop the vehicle’s engine. Reattach and adjust the OEM linkage according to Step 3 and Step 4. Stop the vehicle engine. Refer
      to Figure 5.

      6. Note the axle directional movement. Stop the vehicle engine. Loosen the RTN adjustment screw until the control arm can be rotated. Rotate the control arm in the opposite direction of the wheel rotation in 5 degree increments. Tighten the RTN adjustment screw. Required Torque values 175-200 lb-in [19-22 Nm]. Recheck according to steps 3 and 4. Stop the vehicle engine. Reattach and adjust the OEM linkage according to the OEM manual. Recheck according to steps 3 and 4. Refer to Figure 5.

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      • David Thomas

        Thanks for your reply!

        Some further clarification please....

        The first time, when I started the mower the left side would begin to creep backwards.  I adjusted the "manufacturers" linkage and it stopped creeping back to the left.

        It's started creeping back to the left again.  How can I know if I should adjust the "manufacturers" linkage or the transmission linkage?"  Which should I start with?  Should I start with one or the other based on the symptom?

        Thanks in advance!


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        • Eugene Rounds

          I would do RTN adjustment with the controls in their neutral postions following the outlined instructions I copied from the repair manual. Although step 2 says disconnect OEM control linkage is not required on units that previous been setup by the OEM  I just got thru with a Cub that the right was creeping forward in neutral and this adjustment is what resolved that problem. After the adjustment you may need to do a tracking adjustment as it will change with the RTN adjustment. The tracking is the control arm stops at full forward speed so the mower will go straight at this position.

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