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Service & Maintenance Question

    brian blake
    at the end of last season I purchased a blower and chain saw...escalated
    Service & Maintenance Question posted March 24, 2011 by brian blake, last edited February 10, 2012 
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    at the end of last season I purchased a blower and chain saw (both poulan). The blower was used about five times before winter and then stored in a basement. Several weeks ago, I got it out, filled with new gas and changed the spark plug to one that last the life of the equipment. it wont start. I checked the plug and cleaned the carb. The local service center says there may be a carb issue. Is this common on a new product? will this be necassary each season? I like poulan products and their price. I do not want to be consumed in maintenance each season. any suggestions?
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    • Scott W.

      Thank you for contacting AnswerArmy.

      We have an FAQ for this.

      FAQ 974:  Stale gas destroys fuel lines and carburetor parts. Ethanol in the gas will attract water and water causes corrosion. Carburetors have smaller openings that will get plugged up. Do not store fuel in the equipment's gas tank and carburetor.

      The problem you have experienced is not the fault of the machine.

      Fuel today doesn't have the shelf life it did even 5 years ago. I would recommend you change the fuel out, follow the starting procedures in the operators manual. If you are unable to start the unit with fresh fuel then yes I would recommend you let the local service center evaluate the machine.

      It is also a good idea to use a fuel stabilizer in your OPE fuel, do not keep fuel more than 30 days as it becomes stale.

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      • brian blake
        Thanx for the response. I ran the unit out of gas and also did the same for the chain saw, which started great when I got them both out a few weeks ago. I started with new gas and, as I mentioned, changed the plug in both with a high quality plug. I guess I will have to take it in. the service centers charge so much that it is scary to think a new unit may be a little more above the repair price. I am very much hoping this is not a typical problem with this style blower. The chain saw runs so good. I guess im frusterated over five uses and in need of service already. I run commercial power generaters and am very educated in the care of motors and also storage as I store many units for winter seasons. Thankyou for the quick reply and suggestion. maybe i will get lucky and it will be inexpensive!!!!!!
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    • henry monkowski

      I purchased a pp4818a chainsaw this thing kicks *** but the manufacturer has discontinued parts for this model in the us market I guess its time to find a manufacturer that will supply replacement parts and wear items I cant purchase a chain in my area because the unit must be upgraded to a 20"bar and chain this unit at 18"screams and works well but if the company wants to sacrifice durability with homeowner comfort they should take into consideration that home owners aree usually professional looking for a bargain next time only because of inconvience will buy a stihl  saw as for your problem listed above even with stale fuel the unit will run pull the choke half way out with a new plug but use  an champion rcj6yc plug its burns hotter and doesn't gum up your exhaust

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