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    Steering Wheel Adapter Problem: I purchased a Weedeater One...Answered
    Service & Maintenance Question posted June 18, 2010 by rdeal, last edited April 23, 2012 by HusqvarnaAnswerArmy Silver, tagged Weed Eater One 
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    Steering Wheel Adapter Problem: I purchased a Weedeater One riding lawn mower about six weeks ago, at Walmart. During that time the steering wheel adapter has become worn and slips while steering the mower. This causes the mower to be difficult to control. Can I get the replacement part sent to my home?


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    Todd Dennis

    My Weedeater One came with the new aluminum adapter but just in case it did not I found them at They are in stock, aluminum and only $4.95 each plus shipping.



    • dave pa

      I had the same problem. I went ahead and ordered ywo of them from the parts supplier. Unfortunately they don't have any and are on back order. Who knows when I'll get them. In the meantime, in order to be able to use the mower, I pushed a small flat washer on both sides of the machined surface of the steering column. It's working so far for me



      • Jacki B.
         Hi, Could you please explain in greater detail where exactly you placed the washers in order to overcome the problem with the adapter? I received my WE1 May 2011 as a Mother's Day gift and have had nothing but problems. This is my first riding mower thus I am not at all trained in repair but am learning as I go. Currently mine is unable to steer at all, I believe due to a worn out adapter.
    • Brandon M.

      Hey everyone,

      It seems that this part is in stock.  Please contact your dealer again so that they can order these parts for you.

      Thank you for contacting Answer Army.

      • Steve Babine

        This same issue has happened to me twice.  Home Depot gave me a new part (off a floor model) and after approx 6 weeks the same thing occurred.  Sounds like a poor material being used - is anyone looking to use a more robust material for this part?  I assume this is a fairly widespread issue.


    • Anonymousposted August 22, 2010
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    • Anonymousposted August 23, 2010
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    • donna miller

      can u describe what the steering wheel adapter looks like and where it is located?   I'm not too mechanically inclined but I did take the steering wheel off and there is a gray plastic peice that doesn't seem to be working correctly in turning the silver

      stick pole.  Don't know the names of these pieces.  Is that the wheel adapter?  Why is this not covered by the weedeater

      co.  I have used the mower only 5 times.  I am very disappointed in it.     Thanks

      • Jacki B.
         The gray plastic piece, if it is circular with spokes like a little gear, that is the adapter. I am not mechanically trained either and my mower has just about fallen apart after maybe 20 uses.
    • Greg P.


      The steering wheel adapter is a round piece with ribs on the outside surface and it fits right over your steering column. Also the part is covered by the Weed Eater warranty. Any Weed Eater authorized service center can repair the item for you. Just follow the link below to find a service center in your area.

    • Raymond Lambert

      I just bought a Weedeater One, second owner, first owner probably sold it due to this steering problem. I heard that the replacement part is now aluminum. Just ordered a new steering wheel adapter for $29.64 but the person taking the order didn't know what material it was made of. Since this appears to be a design flaw, the company should replace it at no charge with no questions, especially when were talking about the steering.


    • Brian Diehl

      Had the same problem so I took two sheet metal shims and put them on the flat sides of the adapter. It is working quite well now but I am sure that with time I will have to replace the adapter since it is so hard to steer the mower and a lot of pressure is put on this part.

    • Gary Grimm

      hey i had the same steering wheel problem. and found a metal adapter to replace it . at trim-a-lawn in pensacola florida. i am happy now can finish lawn.

      if you need more info let me know. also it was under warranty.

    • Todd Dennis

      My Weedeater One came with the new aluminum adapter but just in case it did not I found them at They are in stock, aluminum and only $4.95 each plus shipping.

    • vernon brown

       that is what happen to my mower i brought in june of this year i do i get it repair

    • Olivia Fair

      I bought my WE261 about 3 weeks ago  and the reverse gear worked on the first mowing but then on the second and third mowing, the reverse gear seemed to slip to the point of not even engaging.  It didn't matter if the mower blade was engaged or not.But service center near me and decided problem well.