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Warranty Question

    Bruce Schoch
    I bought an HU775BBC from Lowes in June and was just able to...escalated
    Warranty Question posted August 30, 2013 by Bruce Schoch 
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    I bought an HU775BBC from Lowes in June and was just able to put it into use in August. On my third mowing, I noticed the back seam on the grass catcher had separated. I was told that this was normal wear and tear and I would have to replace the bag at my expense. This seems outrageous to me--I am already thinking of getting rid of the mower and going back to Toro.

    I hosed the bag out after each use and hung it up to dry before putting it away--per the manual.

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    • Tim Grimes

      This model Husqvarna is most certainly a bad piece of engineering.


      Blade doesn't cut grass low enough.


      Engine vibrates violently unless the blade brake is engaged (causing me to start the engine with the blade enagaged)


      Excessively heavy machine & poor self-propelled power.


      Loose grass catcher assembly. Too narrow for receivers on both sides.


      Poorly seamed grass catcher. Not very durable at all. I concur with you.


      Throttle makes little difference on self-propelled feature. Up-slope? You'll need to push to go up -- and on a 10-degree slope? Ridiculous.


      Bad purchase on my part. I trusted the good Husqvarna name. Next time, I'll research the problems with machinery before I pull the trigger.

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