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    Hey James,


    I bought new tires for mine at a place called harbor freight.  they are online at  You can pick up front tires for around $4 each.  I bought one to try and it worked perfectly.  I bought a couple more so I would have an extra or two.  They have the innertubes too I found out.  They are not "official" weedeater tires or tubes, but they work. 

    After three "spun-out" front tires though, I bought a couple of "solid-tire" wheels at Lowes though and this resolved all my tire issues fully.  They were a little pricey at $32 each though (I remember they came with two sizes of spindle bearings and I had to use the bigger size).. I looked around on ebay seeking hand dolly tires (I think they were 3/4" spindles??)  I will have to look.. 3/4 or 5/8.. Measure your spindles and you can see for sure.  I found them there for around $10 each.  I just got tired of the flat tire issue on those itty-bitty front tires, and having to repair an innertube everytime they "rolled out" of the tire and wheel on a blowout... (4" tires are a pain to unmount and mount!!!).


    Let me know if that helps you out there!  or any questions on that. I have unwittingly become a quasi-expert of their stupid front tiny tires.

    Fellow Weedeater friend,

    Stan Skaggs