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    Sam Pull
    Hi, Could someone please tell me the difference between the...escalated
    General Product Question posted February 23, 2013 by Sam Pull 
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    Could someone please tell me the difference between the 450 and the 450 Rancher? The only difference that I can find is the price and the Equivalent vibration levels are different. The Rancher is about 50 dollars more so I am trying to understand why.
    Thanks in advance.



    • William Mason

      I just bought one as well and have the same question. If you look at the comparision on Husqvarna website they look the same except the price and the 450-e model has one feature that the other 450's don't. What gives? I am not taking mine out of the box unti I know what the heck I just bought. 


    • Sam Pull


      Did you ever find an answer or did you wind up returning it? I think that this saw is the rancher but I have no way of knowing and Husqvarna has made this information unavailable. It may just be the rancher model for the chain stores.


      If anyone else on here knows the answer then please reply on this post.