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    I bought a 24" Poulan Pro PR624ES snowblower only two...escalated
    General Product Question posted February 29, 2012 by Brian, last edited March 5, 2012 
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    I bought a 24" Poulan Pro PR624ES snowblower only two months ago and after only a couple light uses it has major concerns:

    1) It will not go in reverse as it should. The reverse option is just a slower forward speed.

    2) Major kickback and engine shuts off.

    3) Gas leaks and it actually started a small fire in my driveway today.

    Needless to say I'm very disappointed with the lack of quality. After calling customer service I kept getting directed to other phone numbers to call for assistance. I called a local service shop who plans on taking a look at it. Very disappointed in the customer service of this product along with the product itself.
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    • Chip I.

       Hi Brian,

      Sorry your having trouble with your snowthrower. I'm glad you were able to find a servicing dealer in your area. I'm sure we can get you squared away and back out there clearing snow. Our consumer line is 1-800-487-5951. Hope this helps and thanks for using our products.




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